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PRISON/ PRINCE- It costs the state of New Jersey more thad te fund one tuition. Here's an overview of the disturbing trend of prioritizing prison over higher education in the US. PRISON SPENDING VS HIGHER ED. SPENDING 1 PRISONER, 1 YEAR NEW JERSEY STATE PRISON, TRENTON $44,000 1 STUDENT, 1 YEAR AFRICAN AMERICANS IN NATIONAL SPENDING ON PRINCETON COLLEGE & PRISON PRISONS VS HIGHER ED (1987-2007) $37,000 + 21% 127% 820.000 270,000 HIGHER CORRECTIONS IN PRISON IN DORMS EDUCATION SPENDING SPENDING VS PRISON POPULATION VS STUDENT POPULATION 16 MILLION 2.3 MILLION COLLEGE PRISONERS STUDENTS THE RATIO OF PRISON SPENDING TO HIGHER EDUCATION SPENDING. THE DARKEST STATES SPEND CLOSE TO TWICE AS MUCH ON PRISONS AS ON HIGHER EDUCATION. .10 .20 30 .40 .50 .60 .70 .80 .90 1.00 1.10 1.20 1.30 1.40 1.50 1.60 1.70 1.80 L 1.90 +2.00 STATES SPENDING MORE ON PRISON THAN HIGHER ED US/ The US is 6th in the world in rate of degree attainment but 1st in rate of incarceration. WORLD % OF POPULATION IN PRISON BY COUNTRY: % OF POPULATION WITH NO 1 NO 2 DEGREES BY COUNTRY: UNITED STATES 743% RUSSIA 577% NO 3 NO 4 NO 1 NO 2 U.S. VIRGIN I. ST. KITTS & NEVIS RUSSIA CANADA .561% .551% 54.0% 48.3% NO 5 NO 6 NO 3 NO 4 RWANDA GEORGIA ISRAEL JAPAN .545% .537% 43.6% 41.0% NO 5 NO 6 UNITED STATES 40.3% NEW ZEALAND 41.0% CALI- FORNIA Out of all of the states, California has the highest population, the most students in college, and the most people in prison. PER-INMATE INCARCERATION COSTS MOST EXPENSIVE OF 50 STATES $48,214 IF CALIFORNIA EMPTIED ITS PRIS- ONS TODAY AND SENT EVERY INMATE TO A UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA COLLEGE, IT WOULD SAVE ALMOST $7 BILLION A YEAR. PER-COLLEGE-STUDENT SPENDING RANKED 47TH OF 50 STATES $7,463 RE-INCARCERATION WORST OF 50 STATES 7IN 10 GRADS/ Higher education is an investment for our students' future. Prison is an investment that ensures ex-convicts have no future. SNOJ-XE UNEMPLOYMENT AMONG EX-CONS UNEMPLOYMENT AMONG ONE YEAR POST-RELEASE COLLEGE GRADS AGE 20 - 24 60% 12.1% EX-CONVICT AMERICAN COLLEGE GRAD MEDIAN ANNUAL INCOME* MEDIAN ANNUAL INCOME MEDIAN ANNUAL INCOME $22K $34K $55K The United States has less than 5% of the world's population, yet we jail nearly 25% of its prisoners - more than 2 million total. Moreover, 4 of those prisoners are nonviolent offenders. We must re-prioritize our values as a society. Fund colleges, not prisons. Created by: *Based on 1979 study, adjusted for inflation. Figure is for 6 years after date of incarceration c_2_5_pub_saf_data.pdf BY NO ND The statistics for the map section were calculated from data provided by: http://www.vera. -fiscal-crisis-in-corrections-10-2010-updated.pdf http://grapevine.illie e-3072/The-capevine Table1.pdf


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It costs the U.S more money to hold a prisoner in jail for a year than to pay a child's tuition in Princeton for a year. This infographic takes a look at the U.S's priority of prisons over higher educ...


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