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Presidents On Your Money

PRESIDENTS on your MONEY •... ... .... .··.. ... ... $1.00 $2.00 George Washington Thomas Jefferson The first US President & One of the Declaration of Founding Father, George Washington was first put on the dollar bill in 1869 - 7 years after the bill was put into print. The average dollar bill's lifespan is just 18 months due to heavy wear and tear. Independence authors, Jefferson has been on this WASHINOTON JEFFERSON bill since 1869. The US government has launched several failed campaigns to increase its popularity since the early 1900s. ..... $5.00 $10.00 Abraham Lincoln Alexander Hamilton The 16th US president, Lincoln is widely credited with ending slavery and saving the Union and has appeared on this bill since 1914. In 1964 the phrase "In God The first US Secretary of the Treasury, he is one of just two non-presidents on currently circulating US bills. The first $10 bill in 1861, however, featured a portrait LINCOLN AMILTAN A We Trust" was added to the bill. of Lincoln. •... .... $20.00 $50.00 Andrew Jackson Ulysses S. Grant The 7th US president and a highly polarizing political figure, Jackson's face replaced Cleveland's on this bill in 1928. Since, several petitions have The 18th US President and famous Civil War general, Grant first appeared on the bill in 1913. In both 2005 and 2010, legislation to put Ronald Reagan on the bill instead was introduced in Congress, GRANT JACKSON circulated to remove him but have not succeeded. but voted down. RARE BILLS .... .. Have you seen me? $100.00 Benjamin Franklin FE DERANL RESEAVENO E THE UNITED STATES OFAMERICA SM 500 The first bill with his picture THIS NOTEIS LESALTENDER FOR ALLDESTS. PUBUC AND PRIVATE,ANDISREDEEMABLE IN LAWTULMONEYATTHEUNITED STAFESTREASVR BO0308250 A 2 on it appeared in 1914, and he is thought to be on the bill as "the only President of SERICS OF 1934 A 500 (B 2 BO0308250A WASHINGTON. D.C. SERIES OF 934 A the United States who was never President 500 500 WILLPAXTOTHE BEARER ONDEMAND INIMO FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS of the United States." $500 The 25th US President, McKinley was assassinated while serving in 1901 and has been featured on this bill since 1928. FED ERAL RESEKVE NOTIE THE 0000 UNIREDSIMIES ORAMERICA 10000 FEDERALRESERVENOTE 12 THIS NOTEIS LEGALTENDER FOR ALLDEBTS. AN ATANDIS REDEEMABLEIN OR ATANY FEDERALRESERVE BANK 12 LO0000172 * REDEEMADLE IN GOLD ON DEMAND AT THEUNITED STATES TREJASURY SERIES OF I034 LO0000126 A 12 D. 12 ATANY FEDEHAL RESERVE BANK. 12 Ho0000126 A 10,000 12L00000172 * 12 12 WASHINGTON.D.C. WASHINGTON. D.G. THE UNTUED STATES OFAMER CA ONE THOUSAND D OLLARS WILL PAYT OTHE BEARER ONDEMAND TENTHOUSA NDDOLLARS 10.000 $10,000 The largest denomination of US $1,000 This bill featured Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th US President. Though currently discontinued, this was the most expensive paper currency to ever publicly circulate, this bill featured Salmon P. Chase, Lincoln's Treasury Secretary. As of today there are 336 bills still money ever auctioned off; a "Grand Watermelon" $1,000 bill from 1890 sold in 2006 for $2.3 million known to exist. to an art collector. PRRR RARRERU TININTIOITIEY TILYT TIHE INOXIDONITIN TIE THEANE 5000 5000 THEUNITEDSTATIES OFAMERICA 100000 100,000 HEAGRONIMAND ETLL PAYTO THE ৭ TEEROEHSLILALTENDERORALLBETS. PUBUIOANIOIPREVATT, ANOIS REDIEENALEIN CO0000100 A 3 A00020113 A GOLI THIS erKTneATE S LEAL TEN DER INTHE AM OUn TCHED-INrAYKNTOTALI 100000 OKOTS AND Duts, BC ANDPRIVATE, OERTIFIGATE A00020113 A D. G. WASHINGTON IG. CO0000100 A Mnsmta WASHINGTON.D.C. aga SENIES 3 SUDU 5O00 100.000 100000 THE UNIAED STAYES OFAIERICA FIVETHOUSANDDOLLARS ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARSINGOLD C PAVARLE TOBEARER ONDEMAND AN ALTIEORIZED EYLAW $5,000 Issued until 1969, this bill featured $100,000 The largest note ever printed, it James Madison, known as the Father of the US Constitution. This denomination was featured Woodrow Wilson, the 28th US President. discontinued due to lack of use along with the $1,000 and $10,000 bills - as of today there are However, it was never publicly circulated and was only used by the Fed to transfer money during the Great Depression. 342 still known to exist. COINS Not just loose change WE TRUS PENNY: ABRAHAM LINCOLN DIME: FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT In 1909, Teddy Roosevelt Soon after the death of Roosevelt LIBERTY commissioned the coin to in 1945, a congressman from Virginia called to put Roosevelt on 2010 WE TRUS 2009 celebrate the 100th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. the dime in honor of his work for founding the March of Dimes Foundation to combat polio. OF AMBRICA STATES NICKEL: THOMAS JEFFERSON QUARTER: GEORGE WASHINGTON In 1924 Congress created the US George Washington Bicentennial In 1938, a competition for a drawing of Jefferson to be put on the nickel in 1943 the 100th birthday of Jefferson. The winner was awarded $1000.00. IN GOD WE TRUST LIBERTY Commission and voted to mint a QUARTER Washington quarter to celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth. DOLLAR WE TRUST INCOD 1999 SACAGAWEA SUSAN B. ANTHONY GOLDEN DOLLAR DOLLAR The coin features Sacagawea, the Shoshone guide who aided the explorers of the transcontinental Lewis & Clark Expedition. The coin features the famous women's suffrage leader who helped women gain the right to vote. nerd wallet THI 2004 LIBERTY IN GOD W RUST గియ

Presidents On Your Money

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Presidents’ Day 2013 falls on Monday February 18th this year, so in honor of the holiday NerdWallet did what any true nerd would do: research how our historical leaders came to be on our money. T...


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