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Political Assassinations in 21st Century

POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS IN THE 21ST CENTURY Since the day Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his fellow Senate members in a conspiratory effort, political assassinations have come to signify a revealing pattern of social disruption and civil strife. Generally defined as the deliberate murder of a prominent figure for political reasons, these types of killings are perpetrated by all walks of life-from disgruntled lone gunmen to organized groups- and with motives ranging just as wide. Here, we map out where the political assassinations have occurred since 2000, and we highlight a few notable murders. Alexander Litvinenko Ex-KGB agent and Critic of Vladimir Putin Site of assassination. Year Cause of death . United Kingdom 2006 Radionuclide polonium-210 poisoning KGB agents Dmitry Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi Russia's Culture of Impunity Perpetrator(s) Number of Assassinations (2000 to Present) Numbering the greatest amount, Russia has had a total of 19 known political assassinations in the 21st century. This figure, which includes everyone from mayors to journalists and human rights lawyers, illustrates the existing strength of the authoritarian idea that violence and death are answers to all who dare openly criticize the Kremlin. The 44-year old former KGB agent, and well-known Putin dissident, fell ill in 2006 after eating dinner at a London restaurant. He was soon rushed to the hospital and died three weeks after suffering from radiation 13 - 19 9-12 poisoning, caused by exposure to the radioactive polonium-210. It was later discovered that he had drank polonium-laced tea at a meeting with other agents. 6-8 4 -7 2-3 James E. Davis New York City Council Member Salman Taseer Governor of Punjab Site of assassination Year Cause of death. Pakistan 2011 Gunshot wound His security guard Site of assassination. New York Year Cause of death. Perpetrator 2003 Gunshot wound Othniel Askew, fellow politician Perpetrator In a murder that shocked the whole city, council member Davis was gunned down in City Hall by Othniel Askew, a political rival who failed to raise the proper funds and harbored a grudge against the 41-year-old. The incident led to an emergency-event plan for all of Lower Manhattan. In January, Taseer was shot 26 times near his home by his own security guard, who reportedly admitted that he killed the governor because he disagreed with the politician's opposition to the blasphemy law in Pakistan. Munir Said Thalib Co-founder of Kontras, a Human Rights Organization Steven Saunders Benazir Bhutto Lasantha Manilal Wickrematunge Human Rights Activist and British Military Attaché in Athens Prime Minister of Pakistan Site of assassination Indonesia Site of assassination Year Cause of death. . Perpetratorls). Greece Year 2004 Arsenic poisoning Garuda Airline's Chairman, Anti-Government Journalist Site of assassination. Year Cause of death Perpetrator(s).. Anna Lindh Pakistan Cause of death Perpetrator. 2000 2007 Gunshot wound Revolutionary Organization November 17 (N17) Sri Lanka 2009 Gunshot wound Swedish Minister Site of assassination Year Cause of death Perpetrator(s). Gunshot wounds; Suicide bomb attack Unknown for Foreign Affairs Indra Setiawan Site of assassination Sri Lankan cabinet members Thalib, Indonesia's leading human rights and anti-corruption activist, was poisoned with three times the lethal dose of arsenic on a Garuda Sweden At a rally for the Pakistan People's Party, Bhutto-who twice held the office of Prime Minister and who was campaigning to officially return to the office- was gunned down at close range. The detonation of a suicide bomb followed, killing 24 other Saunders, a British brigadier, Year Cause of death Perpetrator. 2003 was shot four times in the chest Stabbing Mijailo Mijailović Shortly before the high-profile journalist and anti-government activist was assassinated, he wrote an editorial in anticipation of being killed, in which he blamed the Sri Lankan during a motorcycle ambush by a Greek terrorist group called people, though investigations into the attack failed to identify those behind it. Her father (who was himself a Prime Minister) and Airline flight to Netherlands Utrecht University. He had planned to pursue a Master's Degree in "November 17." Their motive was to protest against Saunders' alleged role in NATO's bombing of Serbia in 1999. Anna Lindh, an outspoken human rights proponent and Swedish Social Democratic politician, was brutally stabbed by a mentally ill assailant at an upscale Stockholm department store. The appalling crime marked the first assassination in the country since former Prime Minister Olof Palme was killed while in office in 1986. government for using murder as a tool to stifle the liberties accorded to citizens. brothers also suffered violent deaths international law and years earlier. human rights. SOURCES: THE WORLD ALMANAC AND BOOK OF FACTS 2004 | GRIESEWOOD AND DEMPSEY, LTD. "ASSASSINATIONS AND POLITICAL MURDERS. 1985. | BBC.CO.UK I NYTIMES.COM | MSNBC.COM | WASHINGTONPOST.COM | TIME.CO A COLLABORATION BETWEEN GOOD AND COLUMN FIVE MI JURIST.LAW.PITT.EDU | ASSASSINOLOGY.ORG

Political Assassinations in 21st Century

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