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The Pay Gap

MAJOR EVENTS IN PAY GAP HISTORY Fair Labor Standards Act Equal Pay Act of 1963 made it illegal to pay Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Prevents pay discriminated by allowing a person to file a complaint with the government against their employer within 180 days of their last paycheck. This is named after Lilly Ledbetter who was paid 15-40% less than her male America's involvement in Pittsburgh Press Co. v. Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations advocates minimum wage World War Il required 7 million women to replace the jobs of men who went off to war. This involved anything regardless of sex. women lower rates for the same job strictly on the basis of their sex. Supreme Court bans sex categorizing in employment ads. Employment ads prior to this published identical from riveting in factories to playing baseball. jobs by gender with different pay scales. counterparts. WHAT ARE WOMEN EARNING? 77% In 2010, women who worked full time earned 77% of what men earned. While the pay gap was narrowed since 1973, women still struggle for equal pay across all racial and ethnic groups. Women's earnings as a percentage of men's earnings for full-time, year-round THE PAY GAP workers in the United States. 1951-2010 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 that changed women's place in the 64 64 64 64 64 63 64 63 61 61 59 59 59 59 60 58 58 58 59 59 60 58 57 59 59 60 59 59 60 60 59 62 64 85 65 64 65 86 69 72 70 71 72 72 71 74 74 73 72 73 76 T7 76 77 77 7 78 77 17 1 workforce forever. Today, women make up 47% of the workforce and 57% of college students. As more industrious women enter the workforce every year, why do women continue to earn less than men? WHERE ARE WOMEN WORKING? STEPS TO AVOIDING A PAY GAP MOST COMMON JOBS MOST EQUAL PAYING JOBS MOST EQUAL PAYING STATES Do your homework Even though men and women Subsequent raises and promotions will be based off of wages set earlier in your Secretary (W) $33,852 (M) $39,364 Systems Enginner (W) $72,300 (M) $71,500 90% Washington D.C. W) $60,332 (M) $66,760 87% Vermont W) $38,177 (M) $44,057 are making similar life decisions, women over time lose about career. This can set you back for the rest $431,000 as a result of the pay of your life. Take time to research what Electrical Engineer (W) $66,000 (M) $66,000 K-8 Teacher gap. Here are some steps in other people make in your field. (W) $48,516 (M) $53,144 87% Maryland W) $48,748 (M) $56,708 preventing a pay gay early on: Be Confident Registered Nurse (W) $53,768 (M) $56,212 Mechanical Engineer O (W) $61,100 77% United States of America W) $37,118 (M) $48,202 Know your self worth. Are you hardworking? Well-educated? Have a (M) $60,400 Don't be afraid to negotiate 46% of men always negotiate salary following a job offer, compared to just 30% of women. positive attitude? Be confident in what Women are more likely to work "pink collar" jobs such as secretarial and teaching jobs. These typically pay less than male-dominated jobs such as truck drivers, managers, and janitors. you offer a company and don't settle! SOURCES: | | | www.iw | I www.aauw.orgI | Brought to you by nerdwallet 600Z 900z J007 9007 s007 Þ00z s002 z007 1002 6007 p00z 666 866| 9661 G661 661 6661 2661 O 1661 0661 O 6861 9861 1987 986| I v861 2861 1861 096 1941

The Pay Gap

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April 9, 2013 is Equal Pay Day, and it represents how far into 2013 women must work simply to earn what their male counterparts earned in 2012. Due to the gender pay gap, women earn on average 77 cen...



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