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Our Flag

Oue Hag First unofficial national flag of the Continental army merged the British "Union Jack" and the 13 stripes of the colonies. During the war of 1812 with the British, Francis Scott Key wrote a poem expressing his relief in seeing the US flag stil bombardment that would be set to music and become our national anthem in 1931. First official national flag. June 14, 1777 When Vermont and Kentucky were granted statehood in 179i and 1792, the flag was altered to have both 15 stars and stripes. after a Grand Union "The Continental Colors" a Graphical History In 1818 the Congress ruled that 13 stripes were officially apart of the flag's design and were to represent the original 13 colonies and the first states. 1775-1777 13 "The Stars and Stripes" Delaware Pennsylvania New ersey Georgia Connecticut Massachusetts 1777-1795 15 Stars & 15 Stripes 50 Stars & 13 Stripes Maryland Sou Carousa New Hampshire Virginia New York "The Star Spangled Валлеr" New states would be added into a "constellation"of stars to form the union. North Carolina Rhode Island Vermont Kentucky Tennesse 20 Stars & 13 Stripes 1960-Present 1795-1818 Louisana Indiana Mississippi linois 1959 The flags put atop Mt. Everst in 1963 and on the surface of the moon in 1969 both had 50 stars. Missouri Arkansas Michigan Maine 1959 21 1818-1819 Wisconsin The stars in the blue field are referred to as the "Union Jack". "lack" is a term used to desrcibe Naval flags 1819-1820 1889 1820-1822 Kansas West Virrinia Nevada Colorado 1820 1889 1791 23 1889 South Daleota Montana Washington Idaho Wyoming 1959- 1858 1960 1890 1889 1788 Oklahoma Artvna New Mexico Alaska Hawali 1837 1788 In 1949 President Truman makes June 14 "Flag Day". Completing a proposal put forth by President Wilson in 1916. The flag hoisted over Iwo Jima in 1945 had 48 stars. 1787! 1846 1787 1822-1836 1864 The "Union Jack" displays a star for each state. 1816 17871 1896 1818 1863 1788 Captain William Dríver coined the term "Old Glory" while on a long journey at sea. A small white anchor was sewn on the original flag design, but was not on the official U.S. flag. 1876 24 1850 E LA 1861 1821 "Old Glory" 1792 PEN N SYLV ANIA 1789 N E W R SE 1796 1907 1912 1836 1788 1912 In 1942 President Roosevelt approves the federal flag code for display and respect of a shown flag. CON NEC TIC UT 1817 1819 1788 MASSACHU S ETTS 1836-1837 1812 48 м дR Y LA ND 1845 CAROLINA NE W HAM P SHIRE I NI A Y OR K SOUTH 1837-1845 1845 1845-1846 1846-1847 1847-1848 N E W In 1912 President Taft issues and executive order that establishes proportions and specifies the arrangement of the stars into rows. N ORTH CARO LINA "A person gets from a symbol the meaning he puts into it." ISLA N D 1848-1851 RH O DE There are thirteen stripes for the original thirteen colonies. * 1851-1858 27 Officially the five pointed star is meant to represent a single state, but it is speculated that Betsy Ross was making reference to "The H 1858-1859 -Robert H. Jackson 28 Old Glory Red Hardiness and Valor White 1908-1912 Associate Justice of The Supreme Coert Purity and Innocence Not until 1916 did a law establish that there should be seven red stripes and six white stripes on the flag. West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943) Old Glory Blue Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice The official dye colors of the flag. 1896-1908 From December of 1860 to April of 1865 a total of 11 states seceeded from the Union. Yet their stars and stripes were not officially removed from the U.S. flag. 1867-1877 29 1891- 1890- 1896 1891 46 1877-1890 Flags of The Revolution 32 The flag placed at the North Pole had 46 stars. 30 45 44 38 AN APPEAL TO EAVEN During the U.S. Centennial in 1876 37 stars were on the flag. Betsy Ross Guilford Courthouse Serapis George Rogers Clark Cadsden New England Francis Bellamy writes the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892 and it is first used in public schools to mark the 400th anniversary of the voyage by Christopher Columbus to the New World. 31 IIII 43 35 Bennington Easton Pernsytvania US. Naval Jack Tauton Brandywine Sons of Liberty 9 32 34 This is not an official representation but, rather a visual hypothesis of the many symbols and meanings behind the U.S.flag. The graphics attempt to map states and colonies to the stars and stripes on the American Flag by annexation into the union. 33 Mike Wirth © 2009 1859-1861 1861-1863 863-1865 1865-1867 1912-1959

Our Flag

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A graphical history of the United States flag


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