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Obama Vs. Romney - US Election

*** OBAMA S ROMNEY THE BASICS FULL NAME Barack Hussein Obama Willard Mitt Romney POLITICAL POSITIONS HELD State Senator of Illinois Governor of Massachusetts 1997-2004 2003-2007 US Senator 2005-2008 President of the United States 2008-Present POLITICAL PARTY Democratic Republican EDUCATION Master of Business Administration Harvard Business School Juris Doctor Harvard Law School Juris Doctor TARVARD Harvard Law School Bachelor of Arts BYU Columbia University Bachelor of Arts UTA Brigham Young University Stanford University OR UNI ORD JUN BIRTHDAY August 4, 1961 (Leo) March 12, 1947 (Pisces) AGE 51 65 BIRTHPLACE Honolulu, Hawaii Detroit, Michigan NET WORTH $11.8 million $200 million SPOUSE Michelle Ann CHILDREN Daughters Sons Sasha and Malia Tagg, Craig, Matt, Ben, and Josh PETS First Dog Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog Former Dog Seamus, an Irish Setter t. RELIGION Protestant Mormon BOOKS Dreams from My Father Dreams from My Father (1995) Barack Obama MITT ROMNEY Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership, and the Olympic Games (2004) BARACK OBAMA The TURNAROUND AUDACITY The Audacity of Hope HOPE (2006) NO APOLOGY No Apology: The Case for American Greatness (2010) BARACK OBAMA of THEE I SING Of Thee I Sing MITT ROMNEY (2008) CAREER HIGHLIGHTS OBAMA Served as Director of EAXME Became the first black Developing Communities Project president of the Harvard Law Review DEVELOPING COMMUNITIES PROJECT INC Taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law As State Senator of Illinois School Attorney at the law firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland ILLINÓIS As US Senator Worked for reform of health care laws, welfare reform Only Congressional • Worked to increase tax Black Caucus member credits for low-income from the Senate workers, subsidies for childcare As President of the United States • Ended US military involvement in the Iraq War but increased troops in Afghanistan • Ordered the CIA operation which resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden ROMNEY Served as a zone leader BainCapital then co-acting president of a Mormon mission to Co-founder and CEO of France Bain Capital President and CEO of the As Governor of Massachusetts Salt Lake Organizing SALT LAKE 2002 Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics Worked for Boston BCG Consulting Group • Eliminated the $3 billion THE Boron CONSULING GROUP as a management consultant deficit Became vice president of Bain & Company Signed state-level healthcare reform, creating a universal health insurance plan BAIN A COMPANY THE ISSUES *Views summarized for brevity HEALTH CARE I plan to reduce the costs of health care and require insurance companies to As Governor of Massachusetts, I provided state-level universal health insurance. I will repeal +, cover everyone. Obamacare. SAME-SEX MARRIAGE I am the first sitting president to openly support same-sex marriage. I used to support domestic partnerships and civil unions, but not anymore. I never approved of same-sex marriages. WOMEN'S RIGHTS I used to be pro-choice. Now I support abstinence-only education and I will limit funding to Planned Parenthood. Women have the right to have an abortion. Youth should be educated about sex. FEDERA TAXES I will tax the wealthy at a higher rate, which will fund government programs to help the less fortunate. When I reduce and cut taxes, the wealthy can spend the extra money to create businesses and provide jobs. L46989965 A Pa ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY I invested $80 billion in developing new clean energy sources. By 2016, every car in America will have an average of 35.5 mpg. I believe in global warming, but we should not spend any more money on reducing CO, emissions. We need to focus on energy independence. PROJECTED ELECTORAL VOTE Obama Romney Undecided Copyright 2012 All rights reserved. world. .com Disclaimer: The infographic is prepared after collecting data from various reliable sources and believed to be true. The data/logo/marks of certain organizations are used here merely for reference and used in good faith with no intention to infringe the intellectual property rights of the organizations. PHOTO SOURCES of Barack Obama.jpg Romney_by_Gage_Skidmore_6.jpg,_Leadership_and_the_Olympic_Games_book_cover.jpg to_a_crowd.jpg STAN

Obama Vs. Romney - US Election

shared by pramodinfo on Sep 06
Obama Vs Romney - A new infographic on the 2012 US presidential election candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, covering their credentials, family, career highlights and their views on different iss...


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