Obama vs. Romney: They really rank for that?

Obama vs. Romney Round 2: SEO Comparison In the second installment of the Obama vs. Romney Match-Up, Rise Interactive looks at each candidate's SEO campaign to uncover their website's search engine rankings. The results may surprise (and entertain) you. Brought to you by: rise interactive SEO Rankings Here's a comparison of each campaign's non-branded keywords and how they rank for key issues in Google. These site rankings provide a glimpse of each site's content and focus. (Lower numbers indicate higher Obama Site Ranking Romney Site Ranking rankings). *Rankings from Google for US *rankings are solely for *rankings are solely for 5 * keyword: healthcare %24 * 14 18 >50 44 keyword: economy keyword: taxes >50 keyword: national budget plan 25 * * 11 * 18 29 >50 keyword: young america keyword: job creation >50 keyword: national defense * 12 >50 >50 keyword: womens issues keyword: latinos >50 keyword: gun rights >50 >50 19 * 14 * keyword: foreign policy keyword: immigration Snapshot of Key Issues This quick comparison shows how the candidates' websites rank for each keyword. While these are interesting findings, it should be noted that this is a mere glimpse of content coverage. They really rank for that? Here are some random keywords the candidates rank for. *Rankings from Google for US Obama's Romney's keywords: keywords: #9 #5 ranking ranking keyword: breast cancer awareness facts keyword: pueblo chieftain # 13 #12 ranking ranking keyword: tubesocks keyword: donate #29 #15 ranking ranking keyword: jay z beyonce keyword: jewish star #23 #16 ranking ranking keyword: spatula keyword: onesie #9 #26 ranking ranking keyword: equal rights keyword: catholics # 32 6# ranking ranking keyword: dog scarf keyword: stocking cap Sources rise interactive Brought to you by: %23

Obama vs. Romney: They really rank for that?

shared by jzhang513 on Oct 30
Obama and Romney's websites rank for a lot of keywords. Some of them show where they stand on key issues...others are just kind of unusual.


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