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Obama Motors

RESURGENT REPUBLIC Target Voter Series Your OBAMA MOTORS OBAMA INDEPENDENTS* WERE ASKED: If Barack Obama were a car, what kind of car would he be and why? VERY NEGATIVE RICHMOND CROSSOVER SUV: "I'm not sure he knows which way he wants to go – what he wants to actually be." MERCEDES: "They just spend and spend and spend." RICHMOND THE DALE: "It was supposed to come out in the 1970s. It was a woman who - it's a great story if you've never heard of it - she gave us this car, the Dale, which was supposed to end the gas crisis. It was sup- posed to be for the masses, kind of like the Volk- swagen - user-friendly. It was this really kind of cool, sleek-looking car. And then, the thing never ran, it was a false bill of goods. It looked good on paper, but when it came to delivering it, it was worse than it even came out to be." RICHMOND HYBRID SUV: people and being unsuccessful at all of it." "Trying to be all things to . RICHMOND DENVER YUGO: "All flash and no dash." DENVER BROKEN DOWN JUNKER: "There's no hope of repair, no hope of salvage, it's just gone." CORVAIR: "It just doesn't last that long.' DENVER "I changed the name of one. I called it the FORD UNFOCUS because he's the typical politician, he says a lot of things and doesn't really back them up." RICHMOND SOMEWHAT LUXURY SEDAN: "It seems like he's always a step ahead, or maybe not a step ahead, but a step beyond where we need to be. He needs to backup and focus on some different things. So he's a little more up there than he needs to be." NEGATIVE RICHMOND FORD: "It reminded me of fix-or-repair daily. It seemed like he always had to fix something or repair something that was said or done, or that Con- gress did every day, it is never smooth down the road. There's always something wrong." RICHMOND EDSEL: "It might have a good engine underneath, but out of touch with reality." RICHMOND LUXURY MINI-CAR: "A luxury mini-car with.problems. Like my car when you're driving and have it on cruise control and you hit a speed bump or something and it shuts off. It's a nice car, but there are some prob- lems with it. It's very polished, nice looking, a good car, but there are some problems." DENVER CHEVY VOLT: "I think he was a good idea, but there isn't an infrastructure to support it. He doesn’t have any real teeth." DENVER DENVER CHEVY 4-DOOR SEDAN: "Looks all right. I wouldn't take a second look at it." MIXED VOLVO: "It's not wildly popular, but a certain core popu- larity that won't budge. It has varying degrees of reliability depending on the data you look at." RICHMOND AN OLD PORSCHE: "He looks good, he's really good at presenting himself, but do you really know what's under the hood?" DENVER CHEVY 4-DOOR PICKUP: "He's trying to be an average American whether he is or not. He's trying to fit in with the average American person." DENVER CHEVY: "It's kind of a middle-of-the-road car. He leans to one side and then leans to the other and ends up in the middle." DENVER CHEVY: "Some Chevys seem to do what they are sup- posed to, and some not so much. So somewhere in between." RICHMOND OLD VW: "Sometimes they're incredible and sometimes they're not." DENVER DENVER KIA: "He's sort of new, sort of reliable, but I don't have enough information on him." JEEP: "I feel like he's up against a lot of opposition. Like a Jeep that goes out in the woods and goes over all these rocks and hills and..doesn't go in a straight path, but something that's durable and he could go up against everyone, but he's having to fight a lot of battles for what's happened in the past and try to help move things along." RICHMOND RICHMOND CHEVY SUBURBAN: "It looks big and powerful, intimidating to some people, but when you look inside, it looks just like every other kind of car." SOMEWHAT POSITIVE HONDA ACCORD: "Something like an Accord...just not flashy or ostentatious, just kind of simple." RICHMOND CHEVY MALIBU: "It's functional, solid. It's definitely not a Lexus, definitely not a Yugo." RICHMOND BUICK: "It's middle of the road, not a Cadillac, but a good all-around car." DENVER JEEP: "A Jeep with a spotless paint job because I think he puts a good face on, but I think he's got a lot of terrain that he's got to roll over. I think he's done a good job of rolling over a lot of the hurdles that have been put in front of him – the economy, Congress." RICHMOND FORD: "Ford's doing all right, and I think Obama's doing all right." DENVER VERY POSITIVE TOYOTA MINIVAN: "He seems like a family person, so I puta nice minivan." DENVER FORD FREESTYLE: "It's dependable and it's a family-oriented kind of thing." DENVER DENVER BMW 328i: "It's still kind of a family car, but it's also kind of sporty, dependable and it's a good car." VOLVO: "They are known to be really safe. He seems like he makes safe decisions and thinks things through and it will last a lot of miles." DENVER DENVER FORD TAURUS: "It seems like a reliable car you see a lot." *Four Focus Groups of Self-Identified Independent Voters in Denver (March 12) and Richmond (March 26) who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and are currently undecided. RESURGENT REPUBLIC Target Voter Series

Obama Motors

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Obama Independents (self-identified Independents that voted Obama in 2008, but are currently undecided) were asked: "If Barack Obama were a car, what kind of car would he be and why?"


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