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By the Numbers: Election 2012

ELECTION 2018 ఊఔడి After a seemingly never-ending parade of political ads, campaign stops, media analysis, tense debates, poll results and neighborhood yards decorated with candidate signs, the 2012 election has come to a close. The Times presents a graphic look at the results, from the role social media played to how Florida voted and the final outcomes that determined million number of people who voted before polls opened on Election Day who would be the next president of the United States. Tweets on Election Day 18- VOTE 2012 32 18 f million in 2008 $1.7 million in 2012 Amount of "Likes" on Facebook million like Obama Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter proved popular among the electorate for sharing political views, connecting with candidates and encouraging voting. million like Romney 32% 27 775,000 0 of conservative on social media Republicans use it to follow elected officials and candidates for office. of liberal Democrats most mentioned terms on Facebook O as Election Day 2012 came to a close. OBAMA WINS ROMNEY PRESIDENT photos with the term "vote,""ivoted" or some variation shared on Instagram on Election Day 2012. FOUR MORE YEARS COME ON On Twitter, an image posted to the @barackobama account of Obama hugging his wife, with the message "Four more years," became the most retweeted tweet of all time in less than 20 minutes. The photo was also shared by Barack Obama's Facebook page. It has received 4 million+"likes"- making it the most-liked Facebook photo of all time. #ofads run in these top stae OHIO 219,414 FLORIDA 197,603 VIRGINIA I63,740 1OWA 132,9II With super PACS and outside groups raising billions, several congressional races set records for money spent. 71. million Omillion Spent on priciest Senate race Spent on Florida Senate race: COLORADO I14,876 Elizabeth Warren (D) 54% vs. Bill Nelson (D) 55% vS. incumbent Scott Brown (R) 46% Connie Mack (R) 42%. in Massachusetts. It ranked No. 9 in spending. Top O states for ad spending FLORIDA $IG7 MIL. GHIO SI45MH. VIRGINIA S123MIH. COLORADO $69MIL. NO. CAROLINA S56MIH. VOTE 31 $17 million million Spent on priciest House race: On Florida Dist. 18 House race: Michele Bachmann (R) 50.6% Patrick Murphy (D) 50.4% vs. Vs. Jim Graves (D) 49.4% in Minnesota. Allen West (R) 49.6%. Third priciest in the nation. The outcomes• and the Winners are: ELECTORAL VOTE" 332 FOR Obama/Biden BARACK OBAMA 206 JOE BIDEN FOR Romney/Ryan A candidate can't win the White House without the necessary 44TH PRESIDENT AND votes from the Electoral College. There are currently 47TH VICE PRESIDENT 538 electors, and the votes of a OF THE UNTED STATEg majority of them -- 270-- are required to be elected. WA VT ME *As of 6 p.m. MT ND NHI Nov. 8, 2012 MN OR WI NY MA I ID SD мi WY PA Ст NJ DE I MD D.C. IA NE NV IN OH IL UT co VA KS мо KY TN Obama/Biden OK sc Swing states such as Florida, Virginia and AZ AR NM MS AL GA TX LA AK Ohio became crucial to Romney/Ryan HI the campaigns. BASED ON EXIT POLIS How African- Americans voted How Latino, Hispanics voted How men voted How women voted How whites voted 45% vs. 52% 55% vs. 44% 39% vs. 59% 93% vs. 6% 71% vs. 27% HOUSE BEFORE AFTER Republicans 242 233*-3 Demoa ats 190 193 +3 00 *With9 uncounted as of 6 p.m. Nov. 8, 2012 SENATE U.S.REPRESENTATIVES Republicans 47 45 -2 After millions spent by both parties to try to BEFORE AFTER Democrats 53 54 +I wrest control of Congress, the status quo remained much the same. With a third of the Senate up for election, Republican stumbles resulted in Democrats maintaining their majority, and the House stood at a majority of Republicans. Independents Florida again came under scrutiny because of its voting procedures. As of Friday, votes were still being counted, long after President Obama had claimed victory and was back on the job. So the numbers you see here are unofficial and could change slightly. 8,835,116 70.18 49.93* 49.23* votes cast for president in Florida (unofficia) Unofficial statewide turnout with went to Obama VOTER TURNOUT IN: Hilsborough Co. 72.21% Pasco Co 69.18% Pinellas Ca. T2.08% FLA. HOUSE FLA. SENATE Hernando Co 68.2% *As of 8 p.m. Nov. 8 2012 to Romney Democrats: 44 Democrats: 14 Republicans: 76 Republicans: 26 (Projected) (Projected) *Looking ahead• INAUGURATION JAN. 21 2013 Traditionally, presidential inauguration day is Jan. 20 as mandated in the Constitution. In 2013, the date falls on a Sunday; therefore, the swearing in will take place in private on the 20th while the public inauguration ceremony will be pushed back one day to Jan. 21. Times that the inauguration ceremony has coincided with Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Number of times inauguration date has fallen on a Sunday. OOOOO000000000w0Qooowo000000000w000ww0 How did Florida vote in the 2012 general election? Scan this code with your mobile device to view the Times' interactive map of Florida's election 2012 voting results. Sources:,,, United States House of Representatives, United States Senate, Tampa Bay Times Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives,, Pew Internet, National Conference of State Legislatures, Florida Division of Elections. Graphic: Lee Glynn, Amber McDonald, Anne Glover | Times ఉఉఊఉటటఉఉఉటఉఉఉచఉటఉఉటఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉటీ ఉఉఉటఊఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉటఉజఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉచఉఉటీ {THE FLORIDA VOTE {THE WHITE HOUSE> ఉజఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉటఉజఉఉఉఉఉఉడీ ఉచచటచటటటటటటచటీ { FOR CONGRESS> SOCIALLY ఉఉఉఉఊఊఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉఉటఉఉ

By the Numbers: Election 2012

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The Tampa Bay Times presents a graphic breakdown of numbers and factoids related to the 2012 election. Included are visualizations showing the millions of dollars that funded 2012 political campaign s...



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