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The NSA and the FISC

E PLURIBUS UNUM THE NSA SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM [ HOW WE THINK IT WORKS ] 1 Files FISA warrant - (Foreign NSA Intelligence Surveillance Act) (National Security Agency) Court 2 NSA takes warrant to Verizon NSA takes specific data from the database approves protocol for retrieving data from database Court approves warrant FISA COURT VERIZON 4 Data from calls are siphoned to the government DATA BASE K.PROD Pete, Williams. NBC News, "How does the NSA's phone-record program work?" THE FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE COURT The 2001 Patriot Act expanded the court from seven members to 11 Rosemary Collyer Thomas Hogan Three judges must live within 20 miles of Susan Wright Reggie Walton Washington, D.C. Dennis Saylor Roger Vinšon The FISC approved NSA warrants to gather data on the digital lives of Americans, but what's the deal with America's most secret court? All judges are appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Claire Eagan Raymond Dearie Vinson's term ended in May. He approved the Verizon warrant. Founded as a part of the Foreign Intelligence Security Act (FISA), which sought to protect Americans from being monitored by their own government in the wake of Watergate. Mary, McLaughlin James Zagel Martin Feldman Michael Mosman NUMBER OF WARRANTS APPROVED BY THE FISC SINCE 1979 2500 2009 (Obama enters office) 2000 2001 (9/11) 1500 1000 500 1979 2012 NUMBER OF WARRANTS REJECTED 4 The court rejected no warrants until 2004, when it rejected four. SOURCES Jacob, Gershman. The Wall Street Journal, "A Look at America's Most Secretive Court." Last modified June 6, 2013. Accessed June 10, 2013. Electronic Privacy Information Center, "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court Orders 1979-2011." Last modified May 4, 2012. Accessed June 10, 2013. LO

The NSA and the FISC

shared by amccartney on Jun 11
The administration, lawmakers and the intelligence community have claimed the National Security Agency (NSA) programs that use data from private companies to track millions of American are legal. One ...


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