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North Korea: The Craziest Country in the World

North Korea North Korea was formed after WWII and the end of the Japanese occupation. It was split at the 38th parallel as part of a UN arrangement, to be administered by the US in the South (just like in M*A*S"H) and the Soviet Union in the North since the two couldn't agree on how to run it. Working with the Soviets, a Communist regime was set up. Kim Il-Sung became leader in 1948. Shortly thereafter, he and Stalin decided to start the Korean War. 4 million soldiers and civilians died. In 1953 the war ended THE CRAZIEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD with no winner and a 2.5 mile wide demilitarized zone separates North from South. North Korea's GDP per capita is $1,800 In the US it's $46,442 North Korea currently has the world's 4th largest army, at about Military spending in North Korea is estimated to be as much as 25% 1.1 MILLION 25% OF ITS GDP: NORTH KOREA GDP active soldiers. 2,255,000 4% 4% 1.7% China is #1 with: 1,473,900 US is #2 with: US GDP RUSSIA GDP CHINA GDP 1,414,000 India is #3: 5,000 TONS Pundits predict North Korea has of biological & chemical weapons. North Korea also has an estimated 10 NUCLEAR WEAPONS Russia has 12,000 The US has 9,400 Education is state run. 96% of school aged children are enrolled in compulsory education until age 16. 8%0 OF EDUCATION IS DEVOTED TO LEARNING COMMUNIST MORALITY & REVERENCE TOWARDS THEIR LEADER. THE LITERACY RATE Is 99%0. THAT'S THE SAME AS THE US & HIGHER THAN: 97% Greece 90% Brazil 49.9% Pakistan Officially known as the "Democratic Republic of North Korea;" the state is actually a totalitarian STALINIST DICTATORSHIP. Citizens have the right to vote at 17, but there's only one party to vote for. The state runs re-education camps to hold as many as 50,000 political prisoners guilty of crimes. North Korea ranks amongst the worst human rights offenders in the world. Public executions take place at stadiums in front NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION CHRISTIANS CAN BE EXECUTED FOR DISTRIBUTING BIBLES. of thousands of NO FREEDOM OF PRESS spectators, THE MEDIA IS STATE RUN AND OFTEN REPORTS COMPLETE LIES OF GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA. You may be executed for: MAKING AN INTERNATIONAL PHONE CALL CITIZENS ARE NOT FREE TO MOVE ABOUT HOARDING FOOD VEHICLES AND FUEL ARE OFTEN RESERVED ONLY FOR THE POLITICAL ELITE. An estimated 700,000-3,500,000 people have been executed by the North Korean government. KIM JONG-IL Kim Jong-ll was born in the Soviet Union on February 16, 1941. Kim Jong-I| is not "officially" the President of North Korea. His dead father declared him the "Eternal President" before he died. However, his official biography says he was born on sacred Baektul Mountain under a double rainbow. (That's kind of crazy, but it doesn't stop there.) His biography also says he doesn't defecate or urinate like other people. For his first game of golf, official reports say he shot 38 under par and got 11 holes in one. He planned to solve hunger in North Korea by breeding giant rabbits. He was once the world's single largest buyer of Hennessy, importing $700,000 worth per year. Workers inspect every grain of rice he eats to ensure exact size and color. He injects himself with the blood of virgins, reportedly to stay young. Citizens are told he and his father created the world and control the weather. At 5'3", he hates being short. So much so, he had all the short people in Pyongyang sent to uninhabited islands so their shortness wouldn't infect future generations. Design by Jason Powers Sources ong school days-of-a tyrant-904130htmi • Kim-Jong l-bans smokirng.html hittp:// View.asp?nsen=1004918code=Ne28category=2 pacitic/1907 197.stm hittp://news.bibc.couk/2/hi/asia pacific/7948785.stm dir/2010/02/24/20 10022400768.htmi i the tyrant with a passion tor wine women and the bomb 4210 T6html http://newsbbc.couk/2/hi/B167644stm • hittp:// pacitic/ • http://www.hawaedu/powerkils/SOD.CHAP10HTM

North Korea: The Craziest Country in the World

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This infographic gives a big picture view of the economics, military, education, and politics of Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea, successfully attempting to show just how crazy he and his country are.


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