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No Small Change

TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS O More than $200 O Less than $200 How Obama Reinvented Campaign Finance T added a link on my blog Need to register to vote? Click here. NO SMALL CHANGE $122 million (Primary through April 30) $264.5M Barack Obama is the first major candidate to decline participation in the public financing system for presidential campaigns. He's found a more effective way to raise money – by leveraging the power of the American people through online Social Networks. TIl be hosting an Obama fundraiser Friday night at . I'm posting an Obama video I made, BARACK OBAMA INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS LESS THAN $200 $43.8M GEORGE W. BUSH Cn u Be event 2nite? OMG $32M JOHN KERRY $37M HOWARD DEAN $27.7M JOHN MCCAIN 2008 election $6.7M AL GORE 2004 election 2000 $8.8M Social Networking link election G.W. BUSH Social Networking is a virtual community where members share and communicate online. News and A Little History Obama's Start Up information is often deemed more trustworthy because it comes from a peer within a network, rather than from the media or other outside source. Traditionally, candidates developed relationships with a handful of corporations and wealthy individuals who could provide large sums of money to a national campaign. By the time Obama entered the race, Hillary Clinton had already secured the party's top donors and most successful bundlers. $88.2M Thanks Obama needed a creative way to raise money. In 2002, legislation passed limiting individual contributions to $2,000 ($2,300 in 2008) for primaries, and another $2,000 for the general election. Campaigns then relied on "bundlers," fundraisers who could influence their network of friends to make maximum individual donations. The former community organizer hired 24-year-old Facebook cofounder, Chris Hughes as his campaign's online organizer. It all starts with one Thanks N Thanks When stadium-sized crowds started showing up for Obama, supporters weren't asked to make donations. A ticket to the event required only an email address for later communications from Obamas website provides social networking tools that allow individuals to operate as independent fundraisers, organizers, and influencers in support of the OBAMA candidate. Did it work? EVERYBODY ELSE The Internet speaks $55M Obama donations made in February The wealth pyramid The Internet roars The rest is history In January, Obama set a record for donations in one month: $32 million, Fund-raisers attended A 2004 study found that less than one percent of Americans contributed more than $200. During the 2004 presidential primary, Howard Dean raised $27 million online. June 5, Obama became the Democratic nominee for president. by Obama in February $28 million of which was raised online. OBAMA MCCAIN Sources: FEC, The Campaign Finance Institure, The Center for Responsive Politics, George Washington University XPLANATIONS" by XPLANE" XPLANE" is a consulting and design firm that vis ualizes complex information for effective communication. For a PDF of this file visit cc) This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

No Small Change

shared by judithgold on Nov 29
This inforgaphic shows the how the Obama administrations has changed campaign finance. The Obama campaigners were the first to begin campaigning for a political candidate online using social media to...




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