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Nigeria - Insecurity as the New Norm

IG ODATAVNG ODATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVN @PATAVNG Nigeria: Insecurity as the New Norm @PATANG @DANovember 2012 @VISUAL @DATAV @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG IG VNG @DATAVNG @D @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG AEWS Insecurity and instability is not new to Nigeria... What are the key issues in Nigeria today...? Proliferation of Bombs # of attacks per year @D TAVNG @DATA NG IG @DA AVNG Timeline of select prior incidents of national regional unrest Security Concerns... @D TAVNG @DATA NG In the last 2 years, Nigeria has witnessed more than 4 times the number of bombing incidents than in the prior 20 years combined! IG @DA AVNG @D TAVNG @DATA NG 1967-70 Civil War 1960s 54 IG @DA AVNG Rising Sectarianism 2-3 million deaths @D 1970s TAVNG @DATA NG IG @DA AVNG 1986 Dele Giwa Bombing 1980-85 1980s Maitatsine Uprisings ~10,000 deaths Niger Delta 1. Insurrection Boko Haram rings 3 the alarm bells @D TAVNG @DATA NG 13 1993 1995-97 1990s IG @DA AVNG June 12 unrest Airport Bombings MMA/Lagos, Abuja (Diya attempt) & Aminu Kano/Kano @D 2002 TAVNG @DATA NG 2000s Ikeja Cantoment Explosion Despite having installed democratic institutions which have Ilasted over a decade, 5 IG >1000 deaths @DA AVNG 4 2009- 2011- 2010s Boko Haram insurgency @D Niger Delta militancy TAVNG conflict continues to run unabated @DATA NG within Nigeria... IG @DA AVNG 1986 1996 1997 2002 2009 2010 2011 2012 @D TAVNG @DATA NG @DA AVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG IG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG IG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG IG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAYNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @LATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG IG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG CUATAVNG RATAVNG ODATAVNG ODATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @LATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG OPATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNS @DATAVNG IG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATANG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATANNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATANG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG IG @DATAVNG ODATAUNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVN @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG IG ODA AVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG ODATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG @DATAVNG VNG @DATAVNG IG @DAT TAVNG Unemployment rate Selected states 2009 (%) Insecurity Heat Map Key messages on insecurity OD TAVNG # bombing incidents from 2009 onwards... V@DATA NG IG @DA AVNG Number of Bombing 1. Insecurity should be the #1 priority our government given the irreparable economic & human damage it can cause and must be dealt with holistically Parts of Nigeria have very fertile conditions for unrest... no 1-3 4-7 8 or more data TAVNG ODATA NG incidents*... IG @DA AVNG 1. Very low capita GDP TAVNG @DATA NG 40% 2. Current spate of insecurity is truly unprecedented in scale, sophistication, motivation, and potential impact 2. High youth unemployment IG @DA WNG 3. High Income inequality NG @D TAVNG @DATA Yobe 39% 4. High cynicism towards the government Sokoto 32% AVNG 3. This is a national problem, and not an ethnic or religious one IG @DA Bauchi 30% Delta 27% TAVNG @DATA Borno 26% Kaduna 26% 5. Lack of Education Kano 26% Bayelsa 25% @DA VNG 4. The problem will likely get worse and not better IG Taraba 22% 6. Settler/host communities Anambra 21% TAVNG @DATA issues 5. The problem demands a response and prepardness by the government and by ourselvesa as Kogi 20% Cross River 20% IG @DA NG OD TAVNG @DATA Tinderbox conditions in parts of the country... <20% individuals IG @DA AVNG TAVNG @DATA *Bombings and explosions from 2009 onwards IG @DAT AVNG BIENGG budgfT Source: NBS, CBN, World Bank, Economic Associates, Council on Foreign Relations, Press Search, Project team @DATA VISUAL NG Infographic designed by: in association with: Database IDEASI LO

Nigeria - Insecurity as the New Norm

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In the last two years, Nigeria has witnessed more than four times the number of bombing incidents than in the prior 20 years combined.


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