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New Study Dispels Stereotypes About Young Voters Ahead of 2012 Elections

THE DIVERSITY OF YOUTH ENGAGEMENT Despite references to a single "youth vote," CIRCLE's analysis of American youth reveals diverse backgrounds and experiences, leading to a variety of forms and levels of political engagement. This infographic explores the results of a cluster analysis of American youth in 2008 and 2010. Graphs show each cluster's level of engagement across five forms of participation. COMMUNICATE VIA DISCUSS POLITICS VOTED VOTED VOLUNTEER DONATE INTERNET OFTEN 57.6% 45.1% 52.3% 31% 56.2% 35% 37.7% 8.2% 100% 13.3% 14.4% 2.7% 39.3% 62.3% 33.6% 5.7% 17.9% 16.1% 19.3% 19% 15.6% 53% 75.1% 100% 66.5% 65.9% 98% 77.6% 55.7% 80% 100% 100% 81.5% 71.1% 26.8% 23.4% 6.4% 10.8% 24.8% 66.3% 13% 11.3% 40.6% 6.3% 55.3% 3.3% 13.6% 23.2% 37.8% 17.5% 15.8% 40.8% 30.6% 78.6% 21.3% 41.7% 79% 63.4% 33.1% 81.6% 2008 & 2010 2008 ONLY 2010 ONLY POLITICAL SPECIALISTS Moderately high levels of political participation and relatively low levels of service participation ONLY VOTED Vote but are otherwise disengaged in civic activity UNDER MOBILIZED Do not vote, are not registered to vote, and are not civically engaged BROADLY ENGAGED Likely to engage in all types of civic behaviors ENGAGED NON-VOTERS Moderately engaged in community activities, but do not vote TALKERS Stayed current with political discussions, may or may not vote, but otherwise disengaged DONORS CIVICALLY ALIENATED Almost completely disengaged from civic and political life POLITICALLY MARGINALIZED Most are active in political discussions and groups, and may donate to causes, but none are registered to vote Donated money or goods, but were largely otherwise disengaged CIRELE Tufts Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship UNIVERSITY and Public Service designed by Melefint designs www.civicyouthorg 2010 CLUSTERS 2008 CLUSTERS

New Study Dispels Stereotypes About Young Voters Ahead of 2012 Elections

shared by kcatoto on Dec 28
A new CIRCLE study, “Understanding a Diverse Generation: Youth Civic Engagement in the United States,” shatters stereotypes and dispels conventional myths about the ways in which young people ages...




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