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Martin Van Buren, Eighth American President (1837-1841)

10 ineresting facts you didn't know about Martin Van Buren 1. Worked in a Tavern as a Youth His father was not only a farmer but also a tavern keeper. While going to school as a youth, Van Buren worked in his father's tavern which was frequented by lawyers and politicians like Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. 2. The Dutch family He is the only president that descends from Dutch ancestry and at home Martin Van Buren and his wife spoke only spoke in Dutch dialect 3. "The Little Magician" Martin Van Buren was given the nickname of "The Little Magician" this was partly due to his height, he was only 5ft 6", but also his for his 'magical' ability to succeed in political debates 4. Starnge family members Martin Van Buren and his wife had four children and two pet tiger cubs! 5. Unusual dresscode He was not very popular with the public and was noted for his feminine dress sense and expensive taste, including costly carriages and requesting golden spoons in the white house! 6. The fourth time is the charm Martin Van Buren made three unsuccessful bids for re- election 7. Years of seruing Martin Van Buren was inaugurated as the 8th president of America when he was 54 years old, he served for 4 years until 1841 8. The "Trail of Tears" 35 During his presidency over 15,000 native Indians were forced to leave their territory, this mass convoy was called the "Trail of Tears"; it was a catastrophic time for the native Indians and resulted in over 4,000 đeaths 9. The "Panic of 1837" An economic depression called the Panic of 1837 began during Van Buren's time in office. It lasted until 1845. During Jackson's time in office, major restrictions had been placed on state banks severely restricting credit and causing them to force the repáyments of debt. Over 900 banks ħad to be closed and many people lost their jobs and their life savings $4 10. End of his life He died on July 24, 1862 in Kinderhook, New York. He was 79 years of age Infographic provided by: HERALDING .com %24

Martin Van Buren, Eighth American President (1837-1841)

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Martin Van Buren was elected as the 8th President of the United States (1837–1841), after serving as the eighth Vice-President and the tenth Secretary of State, both under Andrew Jackson. While the ...





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