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Marriage and States

States where same-sex marriage is legal (or recognized) States where first cousins can marry New Hempshire New Herpshire Wahington Vermont Waningtan Vermont Maisachusetts Mane Montana North Dakata Mansachuses Martana Nort Dakuta Minnesote Oregon Oregon Minnesota Wisconsin idahe South Daketa Wsoensin Itaha South Dekete Michigan Wyoming Mchigan Rhode islend Wyoming hade islang lowe Pennsylvania Conneciout Pernsylvana Nevada Nebranka Nebraska Inwa Connectiout Ohie New Jersey Nevada Ohie Uteh inon indana Uta New Jersey Calorado Detawre Covea Delaware Kansas Missoun CHomis Wrane Maryland Kansa Missouri Marylang Kertucky ingn Kentucky North Carolina Wet Virgnia NethCrine Tennessee Owahoma Cermewsed West Virginia Angona Arkansas Oahoma South Carolina New Mexe Arkansas NeMeica Catalhe Alabama Masip Georga Misosp Natana Deaga বি Tese Louisiane Louane Alaska Flernita Marriage legal Marriages recognized Always In some cases Minimum age to get married, by state States with constitutional bans on same-sex marriage New Hampshire New Hamphre Washinghon Vermant Vermont Massachuset Maine Massachusets Mormane tarth Dako honts Daks egem Minnesota Minnesot New York Michigan New York Mhgan Wyaming Rhode tsland Rhode Inland lowa Panneyvania Connectiout Nebrak Connectout Chie New Jersey Uuet Sts tr New Jensew An nana Delere Delaware Minnuti Maryland Calhne Maryland Kemmarty Manacky Narth Carolina Narth Caroina West Virginia Termsae West Virgnia Aneme Arkana Soub New Mexico New Mexce Caroina RAbana utamadeogs Tevm Alan Hawai Hawai 13 14 15 Can be younger Oraotes by Sourcaa morriogen_me_Unites_Stotesastote_low Mtp/ hetp//wwwncatergdwaut.op dace Pp Đump (ptump.nat) for MEDIRME 16 17 18

Marriage and States

shared by Angel on Jan 24
Marriage laws in the United States varies per state. This infographic takes a look at marriage laws by state. It shows in which state same sex marriage is legal, in which first cousins can marry, in w...


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