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The Logistics of Voting

The Logistics OF *** *** VOTING presented by: ClickSoftware Voting sounds easy, but do you know how it works? Making Service Click There is no national uniformity in poll-worker training ALMOST THE SAME AMOUNT AS WORLDWIDE WALMART EMPLOYEES THE NUMBER OF AMERICAN POLL WORKERS IS 2 MILLION THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR WALMART 1.4 MILLION IN THE US 2.1 MILLION WORLDWIDE PER FEDERAL ELECTION 24 Poll workers work an average of 12 HOURS A DAY and are usually paid MINIMUM WAGE 12 SOME NEW YORK JURISDICTIONS BOAST THE HIGHEST PAID POLL WORKERS, SOME OF WHOM EARN $325 PER ELECTION DAY Students can become poll workers An yo ving Vata unted The demand for bilingual poll workers is HIGH TO BECOME A POLL WORKER YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED VOTER WITHIN THE COUNTY YOU ARE TRYING TO WORK AT LEAST 16 YEARS OF AGE IN CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OHIO, POLL WORKERS ARE EXPECTED TO WORK FROM THAT'S AT THE TIME OF ELECTION DID YOU KNOW? 5:30 A.M. UNTIL ABOUT 8:00 P.M. ON ELECTION DAY. 14.5 HOURS! *** HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT WITH A GPA OF AT LEAST 2.5 OUT OF 4.0 O POLLS OPEN ANYWHERE FROM 6:00 A.M.TO 8:00 A.M. AND CLOSE ANYWHERE FROM A U.S. CITIZEN | 6:00 P.M.TO 9:00 P.M. A STUDENT IN GOOD STANDING, ATTENDING A PUBLIC OR PRIVATE SECONDARY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION THE ELECTION JUDGE AFTER THE LAST VOTE HAS BEEN CAST SENDS THE SEALED BALLOT BOXES TO A CENTRAL VOTE COUNTING FACILITY PAPER BALLOTS election officials read each ballot and add up the number of votes in each race CERTIFIED OBSERVERS FROM THE POITICAL PARTIES OR CANDIDATES WATCH THE ACTUAL VOTE COUNTING TO MAKE SURE THE COUNT IS FAIR PUNCH CARD BALLOTS election officials open each ballot box, manually count the number of ballots and then run the ballots through a mechanical punch card reader COMPUTERIZED BALLOTS can be directly transmitted to the central counting facility or are transported to the facility on removable media, such as hard disks, to be counted COMMISSIONERS OF KANIWHA COUNTY ELECTION PREPAREDNESS RATING MAP IN WEST VIRGINIA, HAD TO COME UP WITH $60,000 - $70,000 TO PAY FOR MAINTENANCE OF ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINGS IN 2011 2010 NYC THE ELECTIONS BOARD SAID THAT 71 POLLING PLACES OPENED LATE AND THAT IT HAD SPENT MONTHS TRAINING ITS WORKERS GOOD FOR THE INTRODUCTION OF THE GENERALLY GOOD $50 MILLION SYSTEM NEEDS IMPROVEMENT INADEQUATE BOUGHT EARLY THIS YEAR DURING THE 2004 U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS, 1 0 HOURS SOME VOTERS WAITED IN LINES FOR MORE THAN IN OHIO, THE LAST VOTE WAS CAST AT 4 A.M. THE HELP AMERICA VOTE ACT HAVA ALMOST 2 MILLION BALLOTS provides much needed funding to states and localities to replace outdated punch card and lever voting systems with new voting technology were disqualified in the 2000 election because they registered multiple votes or none when run through vote-counting machines 88%VOTERS OF REGISTERED 5 FOR THE ELECTION ESSENTIAL MOBILE APPS HAVE SOME KIND OF CELL PHONE, AND, OF THOSE, I'M VOTING APP FOR FACEBOOK Allows Facebook users to let their friends know SAY THAT THEY HAVE USED THEIR 27% MOBILE DEVICE TO SEEK OUT NEWS OF POLITICS OR THE CAMPAIGN who they intend to vote for and what political issues are most important to them. POLLTRACKER Allows political junkies to keep up to date on the ups and downs of polling data. AD HAWK Provides funding information about the groups responsible for political ads. IN 2008, AN ESTIMATED 1.9 MILLION CITIZENS DID NOT VOTE SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHERE TO GO SUPERPACAPP Operates much like Ad Hawk. Additionally provides information regarding claims that a political ad is making. Find out where to vote via text message: Mobile Commons has a Mobile Polling Place Locator which allows you to text your address and they will reply with your designated polling place. FACTCHECK.ORG MOBILE While not a stand alone app, it's mobile-friendly interface allows you to check facts regarding the Presidential election. LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW TECHNOLOGY CAN OPTIMIZE THE ENTIRE SERVICE CHAIN presented by: ClickSoftware Making Service Click N NOWSOURCING SOURCES

The Logistics of Voting

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How much do the people that work the voting polls make? Are there a ton of people working the polls? Find out more.


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