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Lebanese Politicians and their Salaries

Lebanese Politicians and their Salaries Lifetime benefits with questionable achievements Democracy involves forming a government, for the people, to the people, by the people. Perhaps this has been said repeatedly to the point of negligence, in which the poor are still poor while the upper hand of our country is still negligent of the country's regression because of its actions, or the lack of the right ones. Austerity, or Prosperity? Greek President and Prime Minister Jordanian government reduced salaries of its ministers Ireland reduced its ministers' salaries earn 0€ 20% 5 to 15% & its Prime Minister's salary by 20% UK Prime Minister declared French Cabinet reduced income of its President and its Ministers reducing all his cabinet's salaries by by 5% 30% Crisis? What Crisis? The Lebanese Government seeks to INCREASE the annual pension of its members by massive numbers, further crippling the Lebanese economy and wasting dire resources. Proposed Legislation Salary increase between 4,250,000 LBP and 6,250,000 LBP (roughly $2,833 and $4,166) That's more than 6 to 9 minimum wages respectively! Minimum wage = $448 Here's a juicy tip! These are the current additions per year... Ask 4 Your Raise! President Prime Minister Ministers Members of Parliament Other TOTAL (Annually) 8,295,000,000 LBP OR 5,553,000 USD The Salary Rundown* *According to the Ministry of Finance The President 18,750,000LBP/month -$150,000 225,000,000LBP/year Chairman of the House of President of the Council of Ministers Representatives رئيس مجلس النواب( رئيس مجلس الوزراء( 17,737,000LBP/month 17,737,000LBP/month -$142,000. 212,844,000LBP/year 212,844,000LBP/year -$142,000 Minister Member of Parliament beis) )عضو مجلس النواب( 12,937,000LBP/month 12,750,000LBP/month -$102,000. 155,244,000LBP/year 153,000,000LBP/year -24103,000 Total: 2,074,333,333 LBP/month 24,892,000,000 LBP/year -$16,550,000 Additional Income Member of Parliament 2,700,000 LBP Taken from a fund that consists of 100,000 LBP per MP and what's left of the gov't budget per month 4,147,000,000 LBP per year 100,000,000 LBP per year Annual Credit from Ministry of Public Works A total of 1,280,000,000 LBP across 128 Members of Parliament Perks of the Job 0% Free Medical Care Tax-free Car Import VIP VIP Passport and more... Did You Know? Government Members RIP have lifetime pensions even after death 3 10 Former Members of Parliament 103 Get 55% of existing MP salary (each) The amount increases Deceased Members of Parliament if MP serves more than one term Former Presidents Get 75% of existing salaries (respectively) Former Chairman of the House of Representatives Former President of the Council of Ministers Total =58,000,000,000 LBP/year Bottom Line Lebanese citizens pay a total of 100,000,000,000 LBP $66.5+ MILLION in salaries for their government In the coming elections, think twice before choosing whom will enjoy your money.... [email protected] References: © 2012

Lebanese Politicians and their Salaries

shared by Nicocohayek on Sep 30
I was inspired by a recent article discussing the notion of increasing salaries of the current government and the national outcry that propagated because of it. Whether the law was given the green lig...


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