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Learn To Think (part 3)

LEARN TO THINK WELL Too many people LIMIT STUPIDITY. would rather believe what they are told than think logically for STUDY and KNOW themselves. COMMON LOGICAL FALLACIES 7. Argumentum Post hoc, ergo propter hoc- APPLY CRITICAL THINKING The contention that a consequence proves the cause. ESPECIALLY WITH ASSERTIONS Example: LEVIED BY ESTABLISHMENT. "You used the car and then it broke down. Therefore, you broke the car. 8. Argumentum Ad Novitam- The false contention that something newer is better. WE CAN'T BE LOGICAL AND Example: REASONED 100% "I won't use an old version of that software because there is an update." BUT, WE CAN REALIZE OUR WEAKNESSES AND LIMITATIONS. 9. Argumentum Petitio Principii- a.k.a. “Begging the Question" or circular reasoning. An argument is assumed in the premise. LEAVE PLENTY OF ROOM Example: TO LEARN AND GROW. "I deserve the most cake because I'm eating the biggest piece." THINKING CLASS - Too Dangerous and You Won't Like It Creative Commons: Free to Share with Attribution

Learn To Think (part 3)

shared by lisacolondelay on Oct 15
Poster (3 in series) that teaches critical thinking (logical fallacies) so one can avoid being hoodwinked by propaganda and poor arguments.


Lisa Colón DeLay


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