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Learn To Think (part 2)

LEARN TO THINK WELL Questioning the LIMIT STUPIDITY. STUDY an d KNOW norm tends to be dangerous. Logic and reason are squelched when compliance is important. COMMON LOGICAL FALLACIES 4. Argumentum Ad Populum- Appeal to common belief or practice. Example: "It's fine, everyone lies to their parents." Top LOGICAL FALLACY Producers: Individuals and 5. Argumentum Ad Absurdunт- groups A contention that threatens ridicule. Example: that are opinionated, emotional, coercive, belligerent, and zealous. "That's not the best car, it looks like a roller skate." 6. Argumentum Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc- Argues a false cause. Persuaders gain power in ignorant environments "Speed kills." (Driving fast doesn't cause death. However, poor driving may play a part.) devoid of rational Example: argument and logic. THINKING CLASS - Too Dangerous and You Won't Like It Creative Commons: Free to Share with Attribution

Learn To Think (part 2)

shared by lisacolondelay on Oct 15
Poster (2nd in series) that teaches critical thinking and 3 common logical fallacies often used in poor arguments.


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