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Learn How to Think

LEARN T O THINK WELL Logical Fallacies sound like LIMIT STUPIDITY SPELLS from Harry Potter They are Latin phrases. Latin is no longer spoken and may sound spooky. STUDY and KNOW Logic and reason are squelched when conformity is important. COMMON LOGICAL FALLACIES 1. Argumentum Ad Hominem - Argues against the person instead of the central point. a.k.a. “poisoning the well" Example: BASTIONS OF LOGICAL FALLACIES "His budget plan isn't best-he's a moron who's cheated on his wife. Media outlets like print, (S internet, radio, television; $. 2. Argumentum Ad Aaculum- Argues by the use of fear. and areas of money, Example: influence or power. “My dad beat up the last person who admitted to that." 3. Argumentum Ad Auctoritatem - Argues that something is true because an authority says so. SOCIAL PRÉSSURE KEEPS US FROM THINKING INDEPENDENTLY. Example: "It's true because Officer Stone told me that Ford makes the best trucks. " (Stone is not an expert on this topic.) THINKING CLASS - Too Dangerous and You Won't Like It Creative Commons: Free to Share with Attribution

Learn How to Think

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Poster (series) to learn critical thinking, think better, and not fall for bad logic in the media, government, religions, and institutions.


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