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Leadership Through the Ages

LEADERSHIP THROUGH THE AGES GREAT MAN / TRAITS SCIENTIFIC / CONTROLLER PEOPLE-CENTRED HERO / MESSIAH ECO / CONNECTED Principal centred leadership COVEY COo's ladder -a model of group growth CHARRIER Personality type inventory The rele of culture in leadership HOFSTEDE MYERS & BRIGGS Theory X& Y MCGREGOR Leadership and self organising systems Eco-leadership WHEATLEY c200 BC The art of war WESTERN Overcoming resistance to change Transformational and transactional leadership SUN TZU COCH & FRENCH The learning organisation Managing organisations using the scientific method Level 5 leadership Adaptive leadership HEIFITZ BURNS SENGE COLLINS TAYLOR The principles and practice of action learning Achievement and motivation c350 BC Politics MCCLELLAND REVANS Transformational leadership Personal and organisational transformations FISHER, ROOKE & TORBERT Optimising factory processes ARISTOTLE BASS FORD Team development - forming, norming, storming & performing Hierarchy of needs The ethics of leadership Hawthorne studies- observing people at work Managing the unknowable STACEY MASLOW CIULLA TUCKMAN 1513 The Prince Leadership and organisational culture MAYO MACHIAVELLI SCHEIN Dialogue and the art of Othinking together Primal leadership The birth of psychoanalysis Johari window: a feedback FREUD - disclosure model COLEMAN Servant leadership ISAACS Leaders are born and not made LUFT & INGHAM Hygiene and motivational factors GREENLEAF CARLYLE & GALTON HERZBERG Leader vs. manager behaviours Authentic leadership KOTTER GEORGE Leadership mystique The differences between leadership & lanagement DRUCKER KETS DE VRIES The 5 dysfunctions of a team High performing teams LENCIONI Situational leadership Kolb's learning cycle KATZENBACH & SMITH Field theory / leadership styles / organisational development HERSEY & BLANCHARD KOLB • Leader behaviours and Emotional intelligence & leadership organisation performance LEWIN GOLEMAN BUCKINGHAM & COFFMAN What are the roles of a manager Personality and organisation conflict ARGYRIS MINZBERO In search of excellence Total quality management Roles that people occupy in society MEAD Business process reengineering HAMMER & CHAMPNEY PETERS DEMING Charisma as the essence of leadership Good leaders have the right combination of traits HOUSE Leadership 'right stuff -6 key traits KIRKPATRICK & LOCKE STODGILL & MANN 4 primary traits of leaders MCCALL & LOMBARDO 1900 1930 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 ER IVF www www ASSASSINATION OF Ghandi ASSASSINATON OF Martin Luther King Iraq War Great Depression Vietnam War Margaret Thatcher P MNSTER UK Bill Clinton ESOENT, USA George Bush PESCENT, USA Industrial Revolution w2 Cold War Tony Blair EME MNISTER U different business Taylorism / Fordism Role Theory Traits Human Relations Movement Participatory Theory Behaviorism Personality Self Actualisation Motivation Team Development Contingency Theory Workflow Transactional Leadership Best Practices Corporate Culture Theories Of Learning Transformational Leadership Benchmarking Self Organising Systems Ethics Emotional Intelligence Complexity Theories Authenticity Eco-Leadership

Leadership Through the Ages

shared by MzuriLara on Jun 22
An infographic designed to assist in leadership development courses by helping participants to increase their awareness of leaders and leadership theories through the ages, and the correlation between...


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