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The Kenyan Legislator: A Utopian Citizen

PiePAR Presento. The Rising Cost of Everything The Kenyan Legislator: A Utopian Citizen A Comparison of Income Tax in Kenya Without proper austerity measures and government accountability the cost of living keeps rising. The rising cost of goods reflects a standard of living that assumes the average income is at par with that of Kenyan Law Makers. With an ever evolving policy on income tax Kenyan legislators work 'tirelessly' to pay taxes on ONLY 24% of their Salaries : The graph compares the P.A.Y.E on a regular tax payer who earns the equivalent of a Kenyan Legislator in Kenya. (Salary 851,000KES) An infographic representing the variance in earnings of Kenyan legislators and their constituents compared to their counterparts • Imports of locally available products. KES 54,392 (6.3%) National KES 249,172 (29.2%) Net Income • Citizens affected by drought. • IDPS over the last 10 years. Price of grain reserve. Taxes Paid KES 796,608 KES 601,308 staple foods. around the WORLD Member Of Parliament Regular Tax Payer Social Class and Taxes A Daily Bread Perspective If the 224 Kenyan MPs paid their tax arrears from 2010, the total owed - KES 2.9Million A single MP can purchase 0.0006% of Kenyans are MPs Earning KES 28,367 ($349) Kenyan MPs have maintained an over 100 times income ratio of 1:60 with each - could feed almost 4M low income Packets 90.5 Of Unga 9667 Packets Of Unga the amount of food as the their average constituent. The average Kenyan houshold income is KES 13,578 a month. (less than $2/day) Kenyans for a day. KES 649,600,000 in taxes owed by 224 MPs VENUE a Day average family every month This is a comparison between an average family income versus that of one member of parliament. Price Of 1 packet of unga (maize flour) taken @ KES140 KENY MP income tax I average household will pay 39.7% of Kenyans éarn less than $2/day 3,993,606 tKenyans daily wage. 39.7% of population = 15,801,400 people JOGOO maize flour MP Salaries Around the World and their Corresponding GDP/capita (Chart values represented in US Dollars - IMF 2010 figures) MP Income Tax Around the World (Yearly and in US Dollars) GDP per capita acts as a marker for a country's A Kenyan MPs salary is 28% more than counterparts in Australia and the UK. Their s0,000 taxes however are bearly a third of the same members of parliament. $47,284 $48,875 |$85,533 KEY: USA Sweden $174,000 average output or income. I USA $40,833 $55,590 $36,120 I Australia $32,432 UK Despite having a GDP/capita over 36 times lower than the Australia $115,480 $100,228 40,000 - Kenya $8,025 I UK $31,217 $809 Kenya UK, (a country with 56% more people) Kenyan MPs take home $60,000 more a year than those $160,973 KEY: $41,019 $77,940 France Member Of Parliament Salary in the UK House of Commons. UK Australia $34,059 Can Kenya afford this? Would you buy your child a Ferrari if you earned the minimum wage? Italy Country GDP per Capita $81,288 10,000 Neembus projeet Source details @ PiePAR: a division of neembusnews.come All Rights Reserved DDDDD DDDDD DD DDD DDDDD DD DDD DDD0D ODDDOD DDDDD DDDDDD DDDDD 20DDDD DDDDD DDD DDD DDDDD ODD DO D DDDDD ODDDDD DDDDD PIoyasnoHany of Parliamer

The Kenyan Legislator: A Utopian Citizen

shared by piepar on Sep 01
An infographic representing the variance in earnings of Kenyan legislators and their constituents compared to their counterparts around the WORLD.




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