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The Kansas City Star: Decision Time

KANSAS CITY EDITION www.KANSASCITY.COM TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 200s TODAY'S WEATHER: HIGH 75, LOW 6O, BREEZY AND WARM. FORECAST I Ce 754 THE KANSAS CITY STAR. DECISION TIME Time te arn your badges, you heres of demecy Wear them proudly- hese lie vickers ha voted Show them to your Ndren athe wworld ahortent civica leon. And tell yor grand children that yeu voted in one of the most his orie reces in American hitory Onwand int the linest Pols open at 6am in Missou and in ehn sen County, and at? Am in wyandotme County Psin both states elese a 7pm MCCAIN PALIN PRESIDENT rack Obana-0 HoCan PALIN CLEARED IN REPORT OTE 2000 Ascond ooseratr epo tme Alaato Saain ootions o nthic KSONFINALE Thepot by anindpend tcoun ete Perone d contd arerpot bypec couneledbythe Legture aS LOCAL RACES 6TH DISTRICT MISSOURI INSIDE Meet somean Cahoe mpalethoet Sam Gr Kay Bames- e nd n Dhtor votesin M A 3RD DISTRICT KANSAS d Obama Kanaom De KIAR Jondan 2ND DISTRICT KANSAS Byde Arns- ADMIT IT: THIS WAS A GREAT SHOW MISSOURI GOVERNOR a AARON BARNHART Jm DaidHalbrea Kenny ScampolnF pingtlhew The Wine The way mnedSurv w primry d te Hily Cln and adend pios Thdan Arpdtiosand he A dr erlano audince ofademy pilkwer ఆC అప్నదర్ LIGHT RAIL Kaa Cywi ona Vcent tafor 14elght ter ine @ co to Kansascitycom for photo paleries, video and vpdates from area peling locations. Check after the pols close tenight for complete resits University endowments face a triple economic whammy NSIDE THE STAR October vehicle sales off Ajudge etusest dismi Mio Gew. Ma unt trem alwt. 32 points from year ago nvestments ane threatened, donors are uneasy about AGMatticial blamesevere Salntin napted Mnd had penont njuries put some ecesion in the industry. Sales pungedt the lewest e5500.And S Chiets' young mark in han17 year el comerbacks. a Viaont Anch f hane ol pople d kck dan tner belertei y o Cp ind Wh HU Chase Daniel loses that Heiuman ter, but he's s among the best. | C andtie emember Tis deaya ns witha yor iledwi coeS wn laling An h wly wri indotry Aut n dpod hudpenti Th Troubled Circuit City is puling its stores out of the area les Mn Gp or dir of e MaccK Cy wonmon HE SALESA TOMORROW IN FYL TAMMY FAYES DREAM HOHE IN LOCH LLOYD IS FOR SALE.

The Kansas City Star: Decision Time

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Back in 2008, the people of the United States had some big decisions to make when it came to who they wanted to take over the White House after George W. Bush. Would it be Obama and his lofty dreams ...


Kansas City Star


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