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Iraq: Failure in 49 steps

TRAQ:N 19 SIEPS •FAILURE IN 49 STEPS June 26 Bill Clinton launches cruise missiles on Baghdad in responSe to failed asšassination attempt on Bush Sr. 2002 How the US war in Iraq created an Al Qaeda haven. 1993 Oct. 1, 2002 Dec. 19 Feb. 28 1998 Clinton is impeached for lying about his relationShip with Monica LewinSky. CIA report alleges Iraq is in possession of WMDS, launching build-up to war. Jan. 17 1990 Aug 6 US President George Bush Sr. Says Kuwait is free. US launches air ops to liberate Kuwait. UN imposes economic sanctions on Ira.q Aug. 2 April 3 Feb. 26 1991 Iraq invades Kuwait. 2003 UN extends sanctions on Iraq for next 10+ years. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children die as a result of ballooning poverty, malnutrition and disease. Hussein orders withdrawal from Kuwait. Dec. 16 US • UK launch four-day bombing campaign against Sites alleged to be housing weapons of mass destruction. May 28 Feb. 5 Saddam Hussein says oil overproduction in Kuwait is "economic warfare. Secretary of State Colin Powell tells UN that Iraq has WMDS and Al Qaeda links. Feb. 24 Oct. 16 Aug. 31 Sept 27 Members of US-backed Sunni Awakening return to Al Qaeda ranks. US deploys ground war. Report says Al Qaeda embarked on wave of terror over the Summer, causing the highest casualties in more than two years. Obama announces end of Combat mission in Iraq. March 19 Bush Jr. launches Iraq invasion. July 29.. Iraqi inSurgents plant "Al Qaeda" flag in Baghdad. 2011 May 1 Bush declares "Mission Accomplished." May 15 Series of deadly bomings • Shootings strikes central and northern Iraq. Killing more than 449 and injuring 732. Aug. 15 ...... July 2 July 23 Four Al Qaeda Suspects escape from Iraqi prison. 42 bombings rock country, killing 89 people. July 22 TurnS out mission not yet accomplished. Bush declares, "Bring 'em on." Suicide bombers drive car bomb through Abu Ghraib prison, freeing hundreds of convicts, including Senior Al Qaeda members. May 10 April 15 Dec. 18 71 dead in wideSpread attacks blamed on Al Qaeda. wave of bombings kills 75, wounds 350 people across the country. Aug. 20 Last convoy of US troops leaves It's brought. UN HQ attacked and 17 are killed. Iraq. MORE DRONES? April 19 US raid kills top 2 Al Qaeda leaders in Iraq. 2012 2004 Feb. 16 Sectarian tensions Soar. March 19 Jan. 28 Feb. 10 Iraqis invite Al Qaeda militants to help fight against US occupation. Car bombs kill 56 civillians. March 20 It's official: no WMDS in Iraq 2010 Dozens of bombs kill 52 acrosS Iraq. 2013 April 21 Spate of Suicide bombings hìts police stations. July 23 More bombings. 107 killed. Aug. 21 · April 28 May 20 US officials say cash from Iraq funded Al Qaeda's base in Pakistan. Sept. 5.* Bush acknowledges Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Outgoing General David Patraeus sayš Al čaeda remains dangerous threat in Iraq Oct. 4 Images of US torture at Abu Ghraib priSon air on 60 Minutes. Shit hits fan. A 2005 public memo Showed that Al Qaeda Said prolonging war is in its interest. 2006 June 11 2008) 2007 2005 June 8 US forces arm Sunni militias, known as Sunni Awakening, to fight Al Qaeda. Sept. 9 Al Qaeda leader killed in US air raid." rerror Alen Powell says he regrets pre-war UN Speech. March 10..* Sept. 24 ..... Jan. 10 Pentagon-funded study finds no connection between Hussein and Al Qaeda. Media reports reveal National Intelligence Estimate determined Iraq war increased terror threat. Jan. 12 Bush announces escalation Aug 8 of Iraq war. Search for WMDS fails,, is declared over. Roadside bombS reach all time high. GP Designed by (a kyleykim SOURCES: CNN, the Guardian, NY Times, Pentagon, ThinkProgress, UN. Research by (a petergelling ...

Iraq: Failure in 49 steps

shared by KyleKim on Jul 26
How the US war in Iraq created an Al Qaeda haven. Mission accomplished?




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