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Invisible Dream

THE INV S BLE CREATING A NEW CONVERSATION ABOUT THE AMERICAN DREAM & WHAT IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE IT DREAM WHAT WE BELIEVE WHAT WE MAY NOT SEE Born at a Public Hospital. Aided by Doctors and Nurses who BORN IN THE USA received federal student aid and loans and attended colleges and medical schools supported by the citizens of your state. Learned ABCS from Sesame Street. Had great teachers who inspired you. Community playgrounds and school lunches kept you WORK HARD AND DO WELL IN SCHOOL healthy. Local library gave you access to good books Can attend a great state university and get help with tuition through Pell Grants & Student Loans. FIRST IN FAMILY TO GRADUATE COLLEGE Great contacts from school got you started. Your first employer offers tuition assistance so you can continue your education. WORK HARD AND START SUCCESSFUL CAREER Temporary career blip. Get laid off, but get unemployment benefits to tide you over. Get back on feet, go to community job fair and get better job. Met the love of your life through a coworker's introduction. FALL IN LOVE AND GET MARRIED Propose on a beautiful afternoon in public park. Now receiving marriage tax credits. Federally backed loans and mortgage deduction make home BOUGHT YOUR DREAM HOUSE (WITH WHITE PICKET FENCE) ownership possible. State laws and inspectors make sure your house (and picket fence) are safe. Born at a non-profit hospital and thrive in a community with good schools and activities for kids. When your youngest child is diagnosed with autism, you can find programs and advice because Americans have decided that all HAVE THREE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN children with special needs should get a good education. Now also receiving child tax credit. They got a good start at good local schools. Receive scholarships endowed SEND KIDS TO BETTER by local business owner, and financial aid. Letters of recommendation COLLEGE THAN YOU WENT TO written by alum neighbor of yours. Other people believe in you and put you in place of power (in your company, community, favorite organization). WORK HARD AND BECOME PRESIDENT OF SOMETHING Retirement funded by tax deferred 401K, Social Security. Health concerns alleviated by Medicare. Foreign travel made possible by a world at peace, made in part possible by U.S. State Department and Department of Defense. RETIRE AND SEE THE WORLD All travel on this road made possible by safe, clean, plowed, repaired streets & highways courtesy of your local, state and federal authorities. All food supplied and inspected by the USDA. All air and water provided by nature (but kept clean and safe) by your neighbors and government. .............

Invisible Dream

shared by Bob McKinnon on Nov 20
The Invisible Dream aims to facilitate a more nuanced national dialogue around the American Dream. We are at a critical time in our nation's history, where both the ability to achieve the American Dr...


Tyler Mintz


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