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India Elections 2014 Weekly Trends (week 08)

NEXT Data Gathered from Twitter INDIA ELECTIONS 2014 WEEKLY TRENDS (Feb 17 - Feb 23) Who will be the next PM of India? ARVIND KEJRIWAL AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) NARENDRA MODI BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) RAHUL GANDHI eL INC (Indian National Congress) Will use AK for Arvind Kejriwal, NM for Narendra Modi and RG for Rahul Gandhi. Q1 How many mentions for the candidates? Arvind Kejriwal Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi l10000 20000 30000 40000 Sum Mentions in a Week 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 Arvind Kejriwal Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi Mentions Number AK is always in the news and in front of cameras. NM is going on a tour across India giving political rallies. At present, RG makes few appearances. May increase in future. Peak on Feb 17th - AK gave a speech at Cll. Peaks for NM on 18, 20, 22 and 23 due to his political rallies on those days. On Feb 23, all 3 had conducted rallies. Q2 What are the results of sentiment analysis on the candidates? 4000 3000 2000 1000 Feb17 Feb18 Feb19 Feb20 Feb21 Feb22 Feb23 Arvind Kejriwal Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi Positive Support 40000 30000 20000 10000 Arvind Kejriwal Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi Positive Neutral Negative Sentiment Analysis Positive support peaks for each candidate coincide with their rallies. For AK, peak on 21st is due to his open letter to NM on Gas Pricing issue. Q3 What are the hot topics on the candidates? I liked the video. Arvind Transparency International rejects AAP's claim on corruption in Delhi Kejriwal's full speech at CII. Arvind Kejriwal says AAP is against 'crony capitalism', not capitalism Arvind Kejriwal questioned Modi about Ambani and gas pricing. People ask. India News was showing that Arvind Kejriwal is an agent of CIA. Sir, please do not give this interview and disappoint us.NDTV is not a credible platform BJP takes credit for passage of Telangana bill, slams Congress. Arvind Kejriwal questions his silence on gas pricing. Shri Narendra Modi ad- dresses 'Barak Vikas Sa- mavesh' Rally in Silchar, Assam Narendra Modi govt presents Gujarat budget: 10 facts, 1 surprise. Rahul Gandhi is a leader who wants to Rahul Gandhi is the true visionary leader for india. empower grassroots and women Change is needed and RG Standing. Rahul Gandhi's first interview with Times Now editor in chief Arnab Goswam. 'One-rank, one pension' decision historic: Rahul Gandhi Rahul Gandhi asks opposition parties to fix a date to pass bills on which there is general consensus Q4 Who are the key influence users in Twitter on these 3 candidates? Rahul Gandhi Arvind Kejriwal Narendra Modi 1. TIMES 1. NOW INC India Dharrmesh Patel TIMES NOW 2. NOTV NDTV 2. NDTV NDTV dna NDTV 3. 3. dna Vijay NDTV TIMES 4. NOW AAR INDIA 4. TODAY wihes Join AAP TIMES NOW AAP Activists' Group India Today 5. 5. 5. YoVA yatindia.t ANI Twitanic(Anil Kohli) YuvaiTV For AK, users 3 and 5 are critics of AK. They are media reporter and observers. For NM, all are news channels. News channels always try to report him in any negative news when- ever possible. For RG, first account is his party, which promotes its news in twitter. Rest are news channels which 6. always try to show him in a positive way. Q5 What are the hot entities around the candidates? PEOPLE Modi, Mukesh Ambani, Anna Hazare, Mamata, Mark Zuckerberg ORGANIZATION BJP, CII, Congress, CIA, Lok Sabha LOCATION Delhi, Rohtak, Haryana, Gujarat, Kanpur PEOPLE Ravi Mantha, Mukesh Ambani, Kejriwal, Sushma Swaraj, Sonia ORGANIZATION BJP, Congress, UPA, NDA, Harvard LOCATION Gujarat, Assam, China, Karnataka, Mangalore PEOPLE John Abraham, Modi, Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj, Nalini ORGANIZATION Congress, BJP, UPA, GM, LG LOCATION Amethi, Parliament, New Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka Q6 Which tweets related to the candidates are most retweeted? @AamAadmiParty is not creation of @ArvindKejriwal Its creat- ed by people's desperation 2 disrupt system. If Árvind fails, 10 others will rise Someone sent this to me. Must watch - Mukesh Ambani's mes- sage to all Indians w44S6ik&feature=youtube_gdata_player ... Arvind Kejriwal today revealed AAP's economic vision at CIl meet, received standing ovation with applauds by top industri- alists of India. It is upto the people to decide whether the Economist PM & FM have been 'hard working' or 'hardly working' in their tenure. @narendramodi office works like clockwork! Call them up, they instantly respond. Hope other netas follow suit. One more time @NarendraModi govt. reduced CNG & PNG rate by Rs 21.40 in recent time. #TrustBJP #NAM04PM A proud movement when Rahul Gandhi meets ex-servicemen #RGforSoldiers YUVA DESH Rahul Gandhi had met a delegation and supported 'One Rank,One Pension'. Government has accepted it #RGForSoldiers #RGForSoldiers -Rahul Gandhi recently met Ex Servicemen and gave his support for One Rank, One Pension Great read on For AK, first person (Shekar Kapur) is a supporter and sympathiser of AK's party. For NM, 2nd tweet is from a news editor. They try to keep him in the news always. For RG, he met ex-servicemen and assured benefits to them previous to last week. All 3 tweets related to that. Q7 What are the hot hash-tags on these candidates on Twitter last week? #Bhagodakejri #ArvindAtCII #AAP #Liarkejriwal #BJP #KejriwallnHaryana #NaMo #NaMolnKar #BJP #NamolnAhmedabad #HDL #NaMolnPunjab #Congress #RGForSoldiers #OROP #RGInDehradun #RahulGandhi Q8 Which are the hot posted images on these candidates? The govern be in business, private sector: Ar 6 11 t3 21 NDTV @ndtv reb NOTV Narendra Modi: I government has business. I beli government Coverne CII Confederation of in आदमा ARVIND KEJRIWAL Narendra Modi's Vision for In A Socio-Ecoromic Apara:h te Flaved De NARENDRA MODI ow would you manag. on your firstnight when u get married ? Ok on my first night will tirst empower the women. bring in more transparency ien the system in more youths RAHUL GANDHI WEEKLY COMMENTS Arvind Kejriwal: Even though he is in the news often, majority of the hot topics and hot hash tags and hot posted images are related to negative news. His branding going by volume of tweets is good, but brand- ing via positive news is still low. This type of mixed branding will continue till there is a change in the way he projects himself. Making allegations against opponents helps initially, but using the same tactic repeatedly will influence the voters to move away from him. Narendra Modi: The positive support is stable and is high on the days he addresses rallies. However the positive support does not increase much on the days of his rallies. If his rallies can gather higher positive sup- port on social media, it will help in gaining more undecided voters and fence sitters, specially the urban voters where the Arvind Kejriwal led AAP can play spoilsport. Another key area to look at are his key influence users. All of them are media channels. It is important to have at least 2 key influence users from within the party in order to clarify quickly any misinterpretations/allegations made by the media. Allowing the media to have the monopoly of influencing will have a negative impact. Rahul Gandhi: The branding is weak by comparison while his opponents are social media friendly. His last month interview with a television channel is still a hot topic. Old news still trending indicates lack of new news related to him. The most retweeted tweets all are relat- ed to the same subject. This shows the lack of new diverse ideas. He has to be more active and not just say he wants to change the system but focus on how he is going to do it, since he does not have any experience in governing a state like Narendra Modi. Oth- erwise he will not be seen as a youth-icon but the 63 year old Modi will be. by Observer NS The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not represent the views and opinions of the National University of Singapore or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. Powered by NEXT Center INV Daily Mentions

India Elections 2014 Weekly Trends (week 08)

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India Elections Weekly Trends ( Data Gathered from Twitter ) Feb 17 - Feb 23


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