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Independents vs. Moderates - What's the Difference?

INDEPENDENTS vs. MODERATES INDYS What's the Difference? MODS Independents and moderates are the two major groups that make up the center of the American electorate. But they are not synonymous. For starters, "Independent" is a partisan identification (like Democrat or Republican), and "moderate" is an ideological label (like liberal or conservative). And while they track closely in income, education, religiosity, and a belief that everyone has the power to succeed, they diverge slightly on a few other demographic and attitudinal markers. By better understanding the similarities and differences of moderate and Independent voters, politicians and pundits can gain a better picture of where these two groups overlap-and where they don't. 2008 VOTED 49 OBAMA 62 MALE 54 GENDER 48 LIKE ELECTEDS WHO 41% COMPROMISE 50% AGREE WITH 21 TEA PARTY 13 49% GOVERNMENT 43 WASTEFUL/INEFFICIENT 46% REGULATION 53 IS NECESSARY 44% of INDEPENDENTS 47% of MODERATES ARE MODERATES OVERLAP ARE INDEPENDENTS 44 47 33% ARE CONSERVATIVES & IDEOLOGICAL/PARTISAN 35% ARE DEMOCRATS 19% ARE LIBERALS BREAKDOWN 13% ARE REPUBLICANS Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, "March 2011 Political Typology Survey," Conducted by Princeton Data Source, February 22-March 1 and March 8-14, 2011, 3,029 interviews, Margin of error +/- 4.3. Crosstabs generated by Third Way. third way fresh thinking Free for re-use with attribution/link. Visit Third Way at Infographic by Bill Rapp.

Independents vs. Moderates - What's the Difference?

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Pundits and politicos sometimes confuse or conflate the two major voter categories that make up the center of the electorate. But Independents and moderates are distinct groups with diverging opinions...


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