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Illustration of War: US vs. North Korea Capabilities

An Illustration of War: US v. NORTH KOREA CAPABILITIES When looking at the US and North Korea, who has the largest capability by the numbers? Let's take some comparative numbers and put them to the test. Interested in what each country has in its back pocket? 4 DEFENSE BUDGETS >> in 2012 O NORTH KOREA a $7 BILLION UNITED STATES $689.6 BILLION WHAT'S OUR NUMERICAL COMPARISON? >> in 2011 North Korea United States population is 24,451,285 with 12,933,972 in available population is 313,847, 465 with 145,212,012 in available manpower manpower 10,066,704 = Fit For Service That means... 77.8%/ 120,002,084 = Fit For Service AVAILABLE TO SERVE That means... Of those available to serve... they have 1,106,000 in front line reserves. That's nearly 82.6% 11% AVAILABLE TO SERVE of the total North Korean population waiting in front line reserves. Of those available to serve... the US has 1,477,896 in front line reserves. MORE AVAILABLE MANPOWER WIN THE US CAN PUT 11 X MORE BOOTS ON THE GROUND! The number of combat-ready troops in front line reserves are close in size, but the total US manpower dwarfs North Korea's. The number of people fit for service in the US is five times the entire population of North Korea. * Numbers are derived from 2011-2012 AIR POWER TOTAL AIRCRAFT POWER: 1,667 TOTAL AIRCRAFT POWER: 15,293 The larger percentage of this is made up of: 345 A-10 213 H-5 Beagle MiG-29 A/S 80 Jet Bombers 35. Fulcrums Thunderbolt C-17 I (retiring) Globemaster III MiG-23 ML MiG-29 Fishbed/ Chengdu J-7 46' - 328 1003 150 Floggers F-16 Fighting Falcon C-130 Hercules (retiring) And other aircrafts with a smaller counts. TOTAL HELICOPTERS: TOTAL HELICOPTERS: 237 6,665 The larger percentage of this is made up of: 20 Mi-24 Hind 48 Mi-4 Hound 1443 UH-60 Black Hawk AH-64 727 Apache Attack Helicopters Support Helicopters 80 Hughes 500D 139 Mi-2 Hoplite 875 UH-1 Iroquois Transport Helicopter And a variety of other types in smaller numbers. WIN THE US HAS BIGGER NUMBERS AND MORE FIREPOWER! LAND SYSTEMS >> in 2012 TOTAL AVAILABLE SYSTEMS: TOTAL AVAILABLE SYSTEMS: 81,680 173,826 Verified information is scarce on the engine specifications of North Korea's most used tanks, but the following are a few examples of land systems currently in use: MAIN BATTLE TANKS: The current tank of choice is the M1 Abrams, with versions and moderations. In general, it contains: Pokpung-ho Chonma-ho Multifuel Gas Turbine A mixture of variants with Russian designs: T-55, T-59, T-62, T-76, T-82, T-85 бх 6 Speed Top Speed of 45 MPH LIGHT TANKS FOR High Power Density 330 cc Rotary Engine (330 RAPID MOVEMENT: WIN THAT'S OVER TWICE AS MANY AS NORTH KOREA! Amphibious PT-76: Originally a Soviet design Amphibious PT-85 NAVAL POWER 24 Frigates 10 70 3 Subs Frigates 23 Aircraft Carriers 61 71 140 Mine Warfare Subs 471 Coastal Crafts Mine Warfare 273 Destroyers 28 Amphibious Assault 12 Coastal Crafts Amphibious Assault Aircraft Carriers NONE Destroyers WIN THE US HAS FEWER NUMBERS, BUT VASTLY SUPERIOR FIREPOWER! North Korea has a larger number water craft, but cannot compare in terms of size, power, and range. 708 AVAILABLE CRAFT 290 AVAILABLE CRAFT WHERE DO WE STAND IF WE'RE COMPARING FROM A PURELY NUMERICAL STANDPOINT? NORTH KOREA UNITED STATES WINS: WINS: Aircraft Power Land Power Number of Water Craft Budget Manpower NUCLEAR POWER What about nuclear weapons? Will the threat of nuclear war turn to reality? North Korea announced its withdrawal from the NPT in January 2003. There are rumors that they have enough plutonium for 4-8 NUCLEAR WARHEADS. // NORTH KOREA'S NUCLEAR DANCE 业 99999 True Answer: or Only a Plutonium to produce 4-8 WARHEADS suspicion False? MID 2000: JANUARY 2003: North Korea thought to be receiving Declared its withdrawal from materials from Pakistan for Nuclear Non-Proliferation uranium production facility Treaty (NPT) FEBRUARY 2005: APRIL 2005: SEPT 2005: Agreed to abandon all nuclear programs Announcement on Shut down manufacturing of nuclear weapons 5MW(e) Reactor 2010: FEBRUARY 2013: - MAY 2012: Unveiled centrifuge facility Supposed “successful" underground nuclear detonation Declared they're a “nuclear armed state" KEY NUCLEAR WEAPON STATES AND ESTIMATED RANGES (Not Exhaustive): Along with North Korea declaring that they're a Nuclear Armed State, here is a snapshot of the current Nuclear Weapon States: China: 240 NUCLEAR 300 France: 4521 WEAPON Russia: NE United Kingdom: 225 STATES: United 5113 States: WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THE US WENT TO WAR WITH NORTH KOREA OVER NUCLEAR THREATS? Presented by: SOURCES

Illustration of War: US vs. North Korea Capabilities

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What if the US and North Korea went head to head? This infographic examines each nations capabilities.


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