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How Safe is Pepper Spray

HOW SAFE IS MER SPRAV WHAI THEY WON'T TELL YP ROUT THE SORE DEADLY On November 18, 2011, police officers on the campus of University of California, Davis, were filmed casually dousing nonviolent protesters with a solution called O.C. POLICE WEAPON People worldwide immediately This isn't your mom's condemned this act, but few pepper spray. understand the true extent of the damage that police-grade spray - better known pepper spray can cause. as pepper spray. THE POWER OF PEPPER SPRAY Police-grade pepper spray is: 3x Č100x stronger than civilian spray stronger than jalapeno peppers JALAPENO CIVILIAN POLICE- PEPPER GRADE SPRAY PEPPER SPRAY 5,000 Scoville Units 2 MILLION Scoville Units 5.3 MILLION Scoville units HABANERO 350,000 Scoville Units Pepper spray is classified as a chemical weapon worldwide and is banned from being used in war. GHOST PEPPER 1 MILLION Scoville Units Scoville Scale: The scientific measurement of the spiciness, or 'piquancy,' of chili peppers. HOW IT WORKS: PEPPER SPRAY GOES INTO THE ES, NOSE, AND MOUTH. CAPSAICIN REACTS WITH NERVES IN THE MUCOUS MEMBRANES Breathing Difficulty - Lasts 3-15 minutes Blindness - Lasts 15-30 minutes Burning - Lasts 45-60 minutes VICTIM FEELS PURE PAIN AND HEAT PEPPER SPRAY KILLS When police use pepper spray indiscriminately, they risk lives. SINCE 1990, NEARLY 70 PEOPLE HAVE DIED The U.S. Army: Duke University: Amnesty International: High doses of pepper spray can produce Pepper spray can cause Pepper spray is a "POSSIBLE "SUDDEN "CRUEL, INHUMAN," AND "TANTAMOUNT TO TORTURE" IN POLICE CUSTODY HUMAN DEATH" AFTER BEING PEPPER FATALITIES" SPRAYED. Several factors can lead to death from pepper spray: ASTHMA ALLERGIES HEART CONDITIONS WHAT TO DO IF YOU'RE SPRAYED: DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE BLINK QUICKLY This will make you tear up and can help flush out the spray. You can spread the spray to other areas of the body USE DISH SOAP OR SHAMPOO APPLY MILK Milk will help stop the burning but it won't wash out the spray Water alone will not work. Mix soap with water to cleanse the area After the incident at UC Davis, Kamran Loghman, one of the original developers of pepper spray, stated, "I have never seen such an inappropriate and improper use of chemical agents." Pepper spray is a dangerous weapon, and its substantial risk to human health and safety makes its use against peaceful protesters unacceptable. Stand up against police brutality. ONLINECRIMINALJUSTICEDEGREE.COM sweet/rage-over-pepper-spraying-ucdavis-stud - fallout-from-crowd-control-to-mocking-images.html improvement/household-safety/security/pepper-spray.htm blog/2011/11/21/about-pepper-spray/ scientist/2011/nov/22/how-dangerous-is-pepper-spray Attribution a 090 NonCommercial BY NO ND NoDerivs

How Safe is Pepper Spray

shared by Angel on Jan 30
Pepper spray is commonly used by the police to disperse crowds, but realistically, how safe is pepper spray. This infographic takes a look at what kind of peppers pepper spray is made of, how it works...


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