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How Romney Could Win the Popular Vote, but Lose the Election

**** HOW MITT ROMNEY COULD WIN THE POPULAR VOTE BUT LOSE THE ELECTION nerdwallet THE POPULAR VOTE ROMNEY COULD WIN THE POPULAR VOTE... National polling of registered voters 100 Obama 50 Romney APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUG THE DEMOGRAPHICS Christian %24 Less than $36,000 Men 18-29 Catholic -Tie Women 30+ $36,000+ No Religion ELECTORAL COLLEGE ...BUT ROMNEY IS UNLIKELY TO WIN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE OBAMA HAS MORE SAFE VOTES HOW MANY VOTES DOES Candidates need 270 out of 538 votes from the Electoral College to win the election. ROMNEY NEED TO WIN? Only 12 states (156 Electoral Votes) could go to either candidate. Out of the those votes, Romney needs 89 to win. 156 votes Up for grabs 89 votes 201 181 Romney needs to win election California-55 Minnesota-10 Alabama-9 Mississippi-6 Connecticut-7 New Jersey-14 Alaska-3 Montana-3 D.C.-3 New Mexico-5 Arizona-11 Nebraska-5 Delaware-3 New York-5 Arkansas-6 North Dakota-3 Georgia-16 Idaho-4 Oklahoma-7 Oregon-7 Rhode Island-7 Hawaii-4 Illinois-20 South Carolina-3 Maine-4 Vermont-3 Indiana-11 South Dakota-3 25 votes Maryland-10 Massachusetts-11 Washington-12 Wyoming-3 Kansas-6 Tennessee-11 Romney projected to win Kentucky-8 Texas-38 Louisiana-8 Utah-6 THE 12 STATES UP FOR GRABS New Florida Pennsylvania . Ohio Michigan North Carolina Virginia Missouri Wisconsin Colorado Nevada lowa Hampshire 20 15 13 4 18 10 10 16 29 25 votes Based on current polling, Romney is projected to win only two states ROMNEY'S ODDS Romney's chances of winning 89 electoral votes when only projected to win 25. WILL IT HAPPEN AGAIN? Elections where the popular vote winner did not win the election 20% 1824 1876 1888 2000 Andrew Jackson Samuel Tilden Grover Cleveland Al Gore Won the popular vote & electoral vote in 4 way election, but not a majority so the House of Representatives chose John Q. Adams Won popular vote 247,448, but lost electoral college by 1 electoral vote to Rutherford B. Hayes Won popular vote by 90,596, but lost electoral college by 65 electoral votes to Benjamin Harrison Won popular vote by 543,895, but lost electoral college by 5 electoral votes to George W. Bush Visit SOURCES for more information!

How Romney Could Win the Popular Vote, but Lose the Election

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Obama and Romney are nearly tied in the popular vote, but does this mean they have equal chances to win the presidency? Could Romney win the popular vote, but lose the election? This infographic sho...


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