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How Important Is Each Federal Agency?

HOW IMPORTANT IS EACH FEDERAL AGENCY? * The recent shutdown sheds light on what agencies we really find important * AGENCIES RANKED BY PERCENTAGE OF WORKERS STILL WORKING DURING THE SHUTDOWN: YES, WORKING N NO / FURLOUGHED L/S LIMITED SERVICES/PARTIALLY WORKING 96% DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Total: 332,025 Working: 316,738 Furloughed: 14,224 DF VETERANS Medical Services Benefits Programs TED STATES OF AMERICA Board of Veteran Appeals 86% DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Total: 231,117 Working: 199,822 Furloughed: 31,925 Transportation Security Administration Federal Emergency Management Services POLICE KONELAND SECURITY Coast Guard, Customs and Border Patrol U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Secret Services OMELAND NOTE: But all functioning at over 80% SECURITY 84% YN/s DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Total: 114,486 Working: 96,300 Furloughed: 18,186 FBI Drug Enforcement Administration U.S. Attorneys U.S. Parole Commission B. of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives Support Staff 81% DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Total: 2,200,000 Working: 1,800,000 Furloughed: 400,000 1.4 million active duty servicemen Civilian personnel NOTE: Around half of civilian personnel will be furloughed. DON'T WORRY, IT GETS WORSE: 66% DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION TRANOPORTATOR Total: 55,468 Working: 36,987 Furloughed: 18,481 Federal Aviation Administration National Highway Safety Administration Federal Transit Administration OF AMERICA FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) Y N /s 55% Total: 14,800 Working: 8,180 Furloughed: 31,925 FDA Routine Inspections Monitoring of Imports Lab work to inform public High-risk recalls 48% HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Total: 78,198 Working: 37,686 Furloughed: 40,512 SERVICES USA HUMAN Administration for Children and Families Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention DEPARTMENT NOTE: A majority of all of the previous organizations will be shut down. 38% DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Total: 13,814 Working: 5,342 Furloughed: 8,471 Nuclear Security Administration Southwestern Power Administration Western Area Power Administration NOTE: All running on skeleton crews. 38% YNL/s SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Total: 3,516 Working: 1,329 Furloughed: 2,187 BUSI Approval of new applications SMALL Aid for small firms exporting internationally 1953 ISTRA Office of Disaster Assistance 27% INSTITUTE OF HEALTH Total: 13,814 Working: 5,342 Furloughed: 8,471 Applications for new grants Drawing funds for existing grants OF HEALTH NIH Clinical Center: Limited Services 26% WHITE HOUSE Total: 1,701 working: 436 Furloughed: 1,265 Support Staff NOTE: Only 436 are working to help the President perform his constitutional duties, and tend to the education system at a federal level 19% DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Total: 72,562 Working: 13,797 Furloughed: 58,765 U.S. FISH & WILDLIFE SERVICE National Parks Security-related jobs U.S. Geological Survey Fish and Wildlife Service OF THE INT Bureau of Indian Affairs Bureau of Land Management Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement NOTE: Besides security-related jobs, offices are at very skelatal staffs. 18% DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY I: 110,000 Working: 20,000 Furloughed: 90,000 Audits Examinations of tax returns Disbursement of Social Security Daily Cash management for the Government YNL/s 18% DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Total: 16,304 Working: 2,954 Furloughed: 13,350 DEPAKTAENT OF Bureau of Labor Statistics UNITED STATES OF Employment and Training Administration 16% THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE Total: 4,202 Working: 688 Furloughed: 3,514 Museums Zoos Smithsonian Institution Care of animals Security YNL/s 13% DEPARTMENT OF COMMMERCE Total: 46,420 Working: 6,186 Furloughed: 40,234 Census Bureau Bureau of Economic Analysis Patent and Trademark Office Bureau of Industry and Security National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 6% ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION (EPA) Total: 16,205 Working: 1,024 Furloughed: 15,181 UNITED STATES. Military, security, and health related projects Everyone else PROTECTION SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION YN/S 6% Total: 4,149 Working: 252 Furloughed: 3,897 PRESS RE BD DJ HOREL Everyone -- for now OP 14 NOTE: The SEC has enough funds to remain operational for 4 weeks in the event of a shutdown. +1 YNL/s 5% DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Total: 4,225 Working: 212 Furloughed: 4,013 Distribution of funds to schools ENTRISTATES OF AMERICA Pell Grant and Student Federal Loan Processing 4% HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT Total: 8,709 Working: 349 Furloughed: 8,360 Funds to public housing Money for Choice Housing Vouchers 3% NASA Total: 18,250 Working: 549 Furloughed: 17,701 Safe operations of international space state and satelites Research necessary to keep proprty safe/intact NASA VERY FEW REMAIN UNAFFECTED (Because they are lucky enough to have another source of income) FULL POWER 100% OF STATE ARTMENT MAURNES RESERVE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. STATE DEPARTMENT FEDERAL RESERVE POSTAL SERVICE A self-funded agency Funded annually so exempted from current shutdown measures. Not technically a government agency, funded by contributions from it's stock-holding banks. SAFETY OF THE PUBLIC DOESN'T SEEM TO BE A PRIORITY IN GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN CONSIDERING WHO IS ON FURLOUGH: Aviation safety inspectors -- Who is watching the planes? Food Inspectors -- Who is watching our food? Auto Recall Inspectors -- Who is watching the roads? Who is watching out for US??? No shutdown of the government is good. But it's happened. * Are our priorities correct? BROUGHT TO YOU BY MASTERS-IN-ACCOUNTING.ORG Citations DEPARTA UNITED STA DEPARTMEN INESS NOLLY ADMIN RESTITUTES NATIONAL NTERIOR LABOR PAMERICA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ENVIRON ONMENTAL EDUCATIO NITED STATES OE AMERICA DEPA

How Important Is Each Federal Agency?

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The recent 2013 US government shutdown sheds light on what agencies we really find important. In this infographic you can see which agencies were working, partially working or were furloughed during t...


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