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How Impeachment Works

United HOW DOES IMPEACHMENT WORK? Removal from presidential of the office isn't all that simple. Here's how it works. KNOWING THE TERMS AND FACTS Does Is removal from What does What is an impeachment office after hment" impeachment "Impea actually mean? impeachable offense? mean removal from office? common? The Constitution (Article II, Section 4) says that high- ranking federal officials can be removed from office Not necessarily. Impeaching a federal official (such as the President) only means that the majority (51%) of the House of Representatives approve of formal charges against the official. The Senate still has to vote to No. In the history of the United States, only eight officials-all federal "Impeachment" simply means officially charging someone in public office of misconduct or legal wrongdoing. The term and process can be used for many different federal officials, not just the President of the United States. Impeachment does not mean that the judges-have actually been removed from office if convicted of "treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors." after impeachment. Only two presidents have ever been officially impeached The terms "high crimes" and "misdemeanors" is officially convict and remove an official from office. but neither were convicted debatable; the seriousness is determined by the House and Senate. by the Senate or removed from office. person is guilty. THE SIX-PART PROCESS FOR IMPEACHING AND REMOVING A PRESIDENT FROM OFFICE 3 4 5 ACTION President INQUIRY House of HEARING House Judiciary VOTE House of TRIAL Senate and House CONVICTION Senate Representatives Committee Representatives If a 2/3 vote is reached by the Senate, the president is convicted and The president commits an act A member (or multiple members) of the House of A judiciary committee in the All 435 members The House appoints members of the Senate to of the House that appears to be of treason, House reviews vote on articles of impeachment. If at least 218 (>50%) vote in favor of an article, hold a trial; the the inquiry to determine if there Representatives submits an Supreme Court Chief Justice bribery, high crime, or other serious misdemeanor. is enough credible evidence to removed from office. presides. At least 67 senators (2/3 vote) must vote in favor of conviction. official inquiry of impeachment. pursue article(s) of impeachment. the president is impeached. Reference: politics/2019/09/24/trump-congress-what-is-an-im- peachment-inquiry/2430212001/ Icons: Freepik via If committee doesn't find enough evidence from the inquiry, the process ends here. If fewer than 67 Senate votes are in favor of conviction, the process ends here. If the president is convicted and removed, the vice president becomes president. If fewer than 218 votes are in favor of impeachment, the process ends here. PRESIDENTIAL IMPEACHMENTS ANDREW JOHNSON BILL CLINTON RICHARD NIXON Only two presidents in the history of the United States have been impeached by the House of Representatives: Andrew Johnson (1868) and Bill Clinton (1998). Johnson was impeached by the House for violation of the Tenure of Office Act, but he was acquitted by the Senate, who was one vote short of conviction. Clinton was impeached by the House for perjury and obstruction of justice after attempting to cover up an extramarital affair, but was acquitted by the Senate after coming short of the 2/3 votes necessary for conviction. Both Johnson and Clinton finished their terms as president. Three articles of 1868 1998 1974 impeachment were approved by the House against Nixon obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress but Nixon resigned from office before a vote was made. Designed by Curtis Newbold | | Copyright 2019 IMPEACHMENT America of , states

How Impeachment Works

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Most Americans think "Impeachment" means a president is removed from office. That's not actually correct. Follow this graphic to learn more about one of the most mysterious processes in constitutional law!


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