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The Hillary Clinton Email Saga, By The Numbers

The STARTLING NUMBERS Behind Clinton's "Damn" Emails 1.73 MILLION 24 $4 2$ 2$ $ =$100,000 Dollars the State Department has spent on FOIA-related software and administrative support since 2008 62,320 31,830 O Individual email messages sent to or from Clinton's personal account from March 2009 to February 2013 Individual email messages sent to or from Clinton's personal account that she deleted or otherwise did not produce due to their "private, personal" nature 19,000 © 11,814 Total emails the State Department FOIA requests the State Department received last year has reviewed and released • It has received 14,000 since October 2014, and is currently locked in nearly 80 FOIA lawsuits. 10,041 O 2,244 Backlogged FOIA requests faced by the State Department as of the end of its 2014 fiscal year Age in days of the oldest pending FOIA request facing the State Department 663 Days after Clinton left her post as Secretary of State and when President Barack Obama signed the Federal Records Act amendment (HR 1233) into law • This amendment modernizes the definition of "federal record" to include electronic information and bans the use of personal email accounts to conduct government affairs (unless messages are copied to the sender's government address) 534.8 296 - Average number of days it took the State Department to fully respond to "complex" FOIA requests processed in 2014 Emails that were found to be responsive to requests of the House Select Committee on Benghazi 100 Approximate number of emails sent or received by Clinton that have been retroactively classified. + =10 emails 91 Average number of days it took the State Department to fully respond to “simple" FOIA requests processed in 2014 =10 days 64 63.5 Dollars per hour earned on average by State Department attorneys People the State Department employs full-time to address FOIA requests, appeals, and litigation 50 32 55 Temp personnel the State Department assigned to the review project and to handle additional FOIA requests related Separate FOIA-related lawsuits the State Department is facing that seek the public release of the Clinton emails to Clinton email 12 Bankers boxes (aka storage boxes) Clinton's attorneys turned over to the State Department • Each measured 24" x 15" x 10 1/4" in size • The State Department reviewed the documents in the boxes and separated personal correspondence 12 Full-time personnel whose entire job is to review Clinton emails • This does not include the information and technology specialists who help 5 Steps conducted by the State Department to scan paper documents produced by Clinton's attorneys: 1. Insert barcode separator sheets between each document and its attachments, scan them, and input the files into the review system in organized batches 2. Check that each document was scanned properly and flag documents that needed to be re-scanned. 3. Manually input metadata fields, such as "To," "From," "cC," "Date Sent," and "Subject" 4. Review indexed documents to ensure metadata coding had been properly input 5. Analyze indexed documents to identify possible duplicates 5 Weeks it took the State Department to complete the scanning process described above CLASSIFIED Separate manual reviews conducted of a date-limited range of Clinton email to respond to the House Committee's Benghazi inquiry Emails sent or received by Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State that were marked as "classified" or "top secret" THE CLINTON EMAIL SCANDAL has cost money, time, and energy. The process of reviewing tens of thousands of emails is labor-intensive, sensitive, and above all else-complicated. SOURCE Brought to you by: In partnership with: logikcull GHERGICH&Co.

The Hillary Clinton Email Saga, By The Numbers

shared by Ghergich on Nov 12
Everyone is talking about the Hillary Clinton email saga, but do you really know the numbers behind it? Find out all about the number of emails, the cost to the government and the amount of time that ...




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