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Guns And Violence

BIG ISSUE CHILE MEXICO GUNS 15% US GUNS 5.3% HOMICIDES 21.6 HOMICIDES 99.7 GUNS 89% GUNS AND VIOLENCE FIREARM-RELATED HOMICIDES 32.1 AND THE VIOLENCE HOMICIDES PER MILLION Most developed coun- RESIDENTS tries boast relatively low rates of gun ownership and correspondingly low TURKEY SWITZERLAND rates of homicides with a LEBANON ITALY AVERAGE- BELGIUM firearm, based on official statistics. A few coun- tries, such as Germany, report higher ownership 6| rates yet relatively few homicides, while others CANADA such as Turkey show the IRELAND opposite correlation. The un control, the so-called third-rail of American politics, is finally on the its heels deeper into the 2nd Amendment G FINLAND GUN CONTROL IS BACK ON THE RADAR OF US POLITICIANS, WHO ARE CONSIDERING MODEST US, Chile and Mexico are and the group's view that it means an absolute outliers, with homicide SWEDEN agenda of the country exporting the right to bear arms by pretty much all Americans. rates far outside the GUN OWNERSHIP most firearms, possessing the vast A look at the data on firearm ownership and 0% 10% 20% 30% O 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% norm. The graph below shows gun-ownership STEPS TO CURB THE MASS majority of them and suffering some of the SHOOTINGS THAT ARE worst consequences of gun-related violence. associated violence suggests some link be- tween the two, with countries boasting more rates (x axis) and number MEDIAN PROMPTING NATIONAL SOUL-SEARCHING. BUT at Sandy Hook Elementary School in New- GUNS AND THE RELATED town, Connecticut, left in its wake a coun- of weapons-related homi- cide rates per million res- The mass murder of 26 children and adults restrictions and fewer guns in citizens' hands suffering fewer weapons-related deaths. GERMANY idents in the 34-member In the Middle East, Yemen is home to the most VIOLENCE ARE OECD and Lebanon. Be- try in mourning and a president motivated guns per capita, according to official data, while low, the top 10 countries in terms of homicides per STILL A SCOURGE to take on one of the US' most powerful lob- Lebanon ranks among the average of members UK AROUND THE WORLD FRANCE bies, the National Rifle Association, which of the Organization of Economic Co-operation million per year are most- has reacted to the shootings by digging in and Development. ly in South America. JAPAN ICELAND WHERE THE GUNS ARE The US, with 4.5% the world population, accounts for almost half of the planet's civilian firearms. 1 HONDURAS TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Here's a breakdown of who's got the guns by total amount, a look at the MENA region and the num- 684 per million 273 ber of guns per 100 residents, as well as the five countries with the highest per capita ownership rates. residents 55.8 CHEAPER THAN AN IPHONE EL SALVADOR COLOMBIA USA 270m YEMEN 399 271 The cost of acquiring a gun says a lot about its 35 India 46m ubiquity and the role it plays in a society. Here's a SAUDI ARABIA China 40m sampling of the cost of buying an AK-47 assault rifle 3. JAMAICA 394 8. BELIZE 218 34.2 Germany 25m on the open market in several countries, showing the IRAQ France 19m 25.4 wide range of prices. 4 9. Pakistan 18m OMAN VENEZUELA PUERTO RICO JORDAN $3,000 Mexico 15.5m 24.8 390 183 Brazil 14.8m KUWAIT UK $1,500 22.1 10 Russia 12.8m GUATEMALA BRAZIL UAE By gun ownership 348 181 Yemen 11.5m TURKEY $900 21 Others 172m LEBANON 19.2 USA LEBANON $700 LEBANON'S LAWS QATAR 89% 15.5 The regulation of guns in Lebanon LICENSING Applicants for a gun USA $500 is categorized as restrictive, ac- O YEMEN 155% LIBYA owner's license in Lebanon are 12.5 cording to required to prove a genuine rea- UAE $320 TURKEY son for possessing a firearm, for o li 23456789012 11.5 REGULATION OF HANDGUNS In example, personal protection or EGYPT $300 JORDAN 35 SWITZERLAND Lebanon, private possession of security. The minimum age for gun USA 7.3 46% handguns (pistols and revolvers) ownership is 21 years. An applicant KSA $280 IRAN is permitted without a license, for for a firearm license must pass 7.3 is home to hunting, protection and security background checks that consider IRAN $200 FINLAND A45% 45 ISRAEL only. Unlicensed, non-disqualified criminal and mental records. In 42% EGYPT persons of minimum age may law- case of a problem, the law does not IRAQ $150 3.5 fully acquire, possess or transfer a stipulate that a gun license should 55 OF ALL FIREARMS SERBIA Sources: Economena Analytics, Small Arms Survey,, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime MOROCCO firearm or ammunition. be denied or revoked. 38% 16 BOLD | Mar 2013 BOLD | Mar 2013 17

Guns And Violence

shared by Ritarou on May 17
Gun control is back on the radar of US politicians, who are considering modest steps to curb the mass shootings that are prompting national soul-searching. But guns and the related violence are stil...


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