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Gun Deaths

GUN DEATHS Averaged total gun death rates per 100K population between 2008 and 2010 by CITY, compared against gun regulation strictness by COUNTRY YEARS 2008-2010 Project by Kaz Tokyo 0.5 London Berlin Mumbai Kathumandu Capetown 61.9 Guatemala City D.C. NYC Caracas Trnidad Reykjavik Madrid Ulan Bator Auckland 114.6 31.2 6.0 124.5 53.9 0.3 1.1 1.9 1.4 1.3 19.1 21.7 1.3 Strict Gun Laws Moderate Gun Laws Lenient Gun Laws No Data Gun Ownership Rates by Country (per 100 population) Gun death rates (shown as orange circles) were totaled and averaged from the 2008 to 2010 data provided by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - Homicide Statistics. Gun ownership rates are based on the data provided by The strictness of gun laws (shown in blue shades) are based on the information on Wikipedia, as well as the categorization, modified to match the following criteria: Top 5 HIGHEST: Top 5 LOWEST: 1 USA 88.8 Haiti 0.6 2 Finland rT 45.7 2 Japan 0.6 Strict = absolutely no civillian guns are allowed in the public, guns are available for recreational purposes only, and/or strict screening is required for gun ownership. Moderate = Only certain types of guns are permitted with license, and/or relatively strict screening is required for gun ownership. Lenient = Anybody can apply for gun ownership, and/or are allowed to carry a gun in the public with or without licenses. %3D 3 Switzerland 45.7 3 Romania 0.7 Poland F 5 Uganda 4 Cyprus Fr T 36.4 1.3 5 Sweden 31.6 1.4 ---......-.-------------- --.......-. ---------. -------------

Gun Deaths

shared by zakscloset on Feb 07
A world map of gun death rates per city compared against the strictness rating of gun laws by country.





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