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Global Warning: Civil Demonstration Facts and Figures

CHANGE How Many Madrid People Got Hurt? o New York 15M Movement, The Indignants, The Spanish Revolution o Athens London Direct Democracy Now! Movement, Indignant Citizens Movement Occupy Wallstreet Corrupt banking, corruption, and the misuse of public money ALERT ! Stopping the Corporate control of the country United Kingdom Anti-Austerity Protests, England Riots, Occupy London Likes on Facebook Unemployment, inflation, corruption, Greek debt crisis, International Monetary Main "Socialists and Conservatives, are the same crap" o Tokyo Slogan Main Governmental cuts, social injustice, bank bail out, Mark Duggan's death, police brutality "We are the 99%" Fund Slogan London 3,100 people presence in the country, harsh New Delhi 316,319 likes austerity measures with welfare cuts. Occupy Tokyo New York 264,258 likes Madrid 192,788 likes Liberalization of the people of the world from corrupt banking and radioactive pollution Main Civil Awakening Facts and Figures o Amsterdam "Error 404, Democracy was not found" Athens 161,388 likes Slogan ARRESTED Main "people before profit" Santiago 69,000 likes Cairo Slogan 10,000 people Tel Aviv 37,141 likes Occupy Amsterdam London 25,370 likes Main "Hello Occupy, Occupy Kitty" Cairo 20,813 likes Budget cuts, power to the people, global solidarity Slogan Melbourne 8,628 likes Tokyo 3,368 likes Amsterdam 2,347 likes Main Athens / Madrid "These are our streets - we will occupy them." Slogan Seoul 367 likes Santiago 500 people Slogan Wars INJURED Athens 270 people In response to the provocative slogan, "be quiet, the Greeks are sleeping!" during the 2011 Spanish protests, the greeks retaliated with a banner in front of the Spanish embassy in Athens, reading: "We've woken up! What time is it? It's time they left!" Later, Greek protesters Cairo 6,000 people 11 10 2 carried a banner in French that read: "Silence! The French are 3: sleeping!" and than in Italian: "Be quiet, you'll wake the Italians." .8 4. QUARTZ .7 6. 5.- Athens 4 people London 1 people KILLED Cairo Cairo 1,000 people Space and Beyond NASA has announced they will engrave the name of Sally Zahran, an Egyptian female protester who was beaten to death during the 2011 Cairo revolution, on the Mars microship. Following NASA tradition to engrave the names of notable people on their spacecraft, they will emblazon Sally Zahran to honor the young woman's courage. How Many People o Seoul Took Part in the Occupy Seoul Financial inequality Tel Aviv / New Delhi One Can Make a Difference Demonstrations? Main "You can't eat money" Slogan The person who sparked the Tel Aviv protests, was the 25 year old student Daphni Leef, who pitched the first tent of the ,tent city' in order to take action against her increasing rent. The leading figure in the New Delhi protest is 74 year old Anna Hazara, an Indian social activist, who has been partially hunger striking, eating only every 3 days since August. New Delhi The Anticorruption Movement Establishing strong legislation and enforcement against endemic corruption Santiago Kiss and Tell Main "I am Anna" Slogan To express their anger, hundreds of Chilean students made out in public on the streets of Santiago, on July 6. The mass make-out session - dubbed the "Kiss Party" - was part of the ongoing protests against Chile's governmental education system. Tel Aviv July 14 (j14), The Tent Revolution Social justice, equal share of the state incomes, cutting down the economic gap between the rich and the poor Tel Aviv / Amsterdam / London o Santiago Extra Curriculum Main Slogans "The people want social justice" 2011 Chilean Protests Every day at 22:01 the protesters in Amsterdam light a candle as an act of solidarity with protest movements around the globe. In their London tent camp the activists organize guided tours for tourists, and operate a vegan cafe; in Tel Aviv, the camp operates a children's daycare center for the protestors. Better and more affordable education and an end to a two-tier system that creates a few wealthy, elite colleges amid many underfunded public ones o Cairo Revolution of 25 January, Freedom Revolution, O Melbourne Main "With passion for education." Lotus Revolution Slogan Overthrow of the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, police brutality, state of emergency laws, lack of free elections and freedom of speech, uncontrollable corruption, and economic issues including high unemployment, food price inflation, and low minimum wages Occupy Melbourne Tokyo Melbourne Seoul Amsterdam solidarity with the ongoing protests around the world, economic, political andsocial change, just and equitable society. New York Human Mic Museum Night Main Because the New York "Occupy Wallstreet" protesters weren't allowed to use electricity, they invented the Humam Mic. One person starts speaking to a large crowd. After a short sentence, everyone in hearing distance repeats whatever was said at the top of their lungs, allowing people outside hearing range to hear the speech. This technique changes the way people give speeches and the way they listen, too. "Real democracy now" Slogan Tel Aviv 14.7.2011 Main Slogan "Leave for good, Let our country see the light" When Did it All Start? Santiago London Cairo 11.2011 10.2011 9.2011 8.2011 7.2011 Athens 5.5.2010 6.2011 5.2011 4.2011 32011 2.2011 1.2011 12.2010 11.2010 10.2010 9.2010 8.2010 7.2010 6.2010 5.2010 New York 1,800 people Santiago 1,800 people 5.11.2010 15.10.2011 New York 17.9.2011 Cairo 2 million New Delhi 3.2 million 31.5.2011 Madrid 15.5.2011 29.1.2011 25.1.2011 New Delhi 29.10.2010

Global Warning: Civil Demonstration Facts and Figures

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Civil Demonstration in 2010-2011 Facts and Figures, how many participated in the demonstrations, how many injured, killed or arrested


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