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Global Political Ideology

What is the World's dominant political ideology? For every country, political ideology has been graduated on a scale from Far-Left to Far-Right. Far-Left Left-Wing Centrsit Centre-Right Right-Wing Far-Right The resulting GeoMap shows clear concentrations of left-leaning countries in South America and Southern Africa, whereas Europe has a concentration of Centre-Right parties. Unclassified: a country with a political ideology that cannot be defined. 47 out of 197 countries are considered to be unclassified. Ideology Classification Ideology Score Far-Left Number Ruled Left-Wing -3 1,521,133,622 Centre-Left to Left-Wing -2 -4,563,400,866 253,787,982 Ideology Score Centre-Left -1.5 76,892,368 Centrist to Centre-Left -1 2,579,670,216 -507,575,964 Centrist -0.5 140,909,414 -2,579,670,216 -115,338,552 || Centrist to Centre-Right 269,184,796 0.5 Centre-Right 4,469,900 -70,454,707 Centre-Right to Right Wing 770,858,550 1.5 Right Wing 230,469,839 2,234,950 Far Right 270,447,095 3 770,858,550 117,525,571 345,704,759 540,894,190 6,235,349,353 352,576,713 %3D -5,824,171,144 Centrsit The world's ideology score is -0.934, meaning that the world is firmly in the "Centre-Left" ideology state. Centre-Left Sources: Wikipedia, CIA, CIDOB, ZPC, Election Resources on the Internet, UN Notes: Southern Sudan and Kosovo not included, Taiwan included as an individual country, European Principalities not included Centre-Left

Global Political Ideology

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An assessment of the world's dominant political ideology, taking into account the relative strength of each ideology – from Far-Left to Far-Right – and the number of people ruled by each ideology.



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