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Five Reasons to Support Same Sex Marriage in Scotland

humanist society scotland Why Support Same Sex Marriage in Scotland 2012? Now is the time to support same sex marriage in Scotland. Here are five reasons why the law should change. To reflect a modern secular definition of marriage Modern Scotland is about choice and most people choose non-religious ceremonies. Religious weddings are becoming less common so why should the belief of some stop same sex couples marrying? TOTAL % OF SCOTTISH WEDDINGS 60 - Church of Scotland Catholic Church 24,959 50 Civil WEDDINGS IN 40 SCOTLAND IN 2010 % 30 UP 20 3% 10 ON PREVIOUS YEAR 1946 2010 DOWN DOWN 1% 14,449 2,030 ON ON PREVIOUS PREVIOUS CIVIL HUMANIST YEAR YEAR CEREMONIES CEREMONIES 6,005 1,776 UP UP 1% 31% CHURCH OF CATHOLIC ON SCOTLAND ON CHURCH PREVIOUS PREVIOUS YEAR YEAR To preserve Scotland's history of fairness Scotland's has been leading enlightened thinking for centuries. A Man's A Man For 'A That ROBERT BURNS (1795) Everyone should be treated equally, every loving couple should have the right to marry in a way that fits them. Two hundred years later the world is beginning to catch on. Let Scotland help show the way. Support an equal and fair world for same sex couples. • Countries/States where same sex marriage is allowed I'VE JUST CONCLUDED THAT FOR ME PERSONALLY IT IS IMPORTANT FOR ME TO GO AHEAD AND AFFIRM THAT I THINK SAME SEX COUPLES SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET MARRIED. BARACK OBAMA (2012) Because most Scots support same sex marriage Same Sex Marriage represents what the majority of people want and the rights of all religions, big or small, to express their own belief. Support for Same Sex Marriage is seen across Holyrood, in religious and non-religious people, and in the general public. Support for same sex marriage has never been higher and now is the time for change. Agree Disagree Undecided • 57% What proportion of Catholics support same sex marriage? • 27% • 27% What % of Scottish public think religious bodies should • 68% • 21% • 10% be able to choose to conduct same sex marriage? 64% What % of Scottish public believe same sex couples have the right to marry? • 26% 11% Supporters include: SYP 000 n)(u)(s AMNESTY E stue INTERNATIONAL national unionof students 4 To protect the state's role in marriage Marriage ceremonies predate all modern religions. In Scotland, the right to marry someone comes from the state not from religious bodies. ALL marriages are supervised by the state. Couples are married by state registrars or by those who have been authorised by the state to conduct legal marriages. Authorised people are either religious celebrants or members of "other belief systems" such as Humanists. State registrars must marry all suitable couples. Religious celebrants can choose not to conduct to a ceremony based on belief. The Catholic Church doesn't marry divorcees. In Scotland marriage does not belong to the religious few but to society, of religious and non-religious people, let's keep it that way by backing same sex marriage. 5 To end discrimination Marriage should be a free choice for every adult Scotland but there needs to be a balance with a celebrant's right to act with their own faith and belief. No to same sex marriage... Some beliefs upheld but many belief groups are discriminated against Same sex couples cannot marry. Inequality remains. ..Same sex partners face discrimination Only allow civil same sex marriage ceremonies... Same sex couples can marry but only in a registry office. Religious and non-religious bodies in favour of same sex marriage face discrimination. ...Denial of religious freedom and belief Let individual celebrants decide based on own belief... Religious and non religious groups can make up their own mind. Same sex couples can marry. Equality for allI. ...Equality, fairness and choice for all Balancing the belief is difficult. The bill shouldn't try but allow all religions and non-religious people to make up their own mind about who they want to marry. We need you to show your support of Same Sex Marriage There is still a long way to go towards same sex marriage happening Scotland. What do we want? Freedom for The opening up of civil partnership celebrants to marry Fairness and equality for same sex couples who want to marry. who they want. to heterosexual couples and to religious bodies. Respect for religious bodies who want to opt out. What you can do to help. Spread this infographic via email and your social networks. in Support the campaign visit: Write to you MSP and elective representatives. Find yours using: humanist society scotland

Five Reasons to Support Same Sex Marriage in Scotland

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This infographic was created by the Humanist Society Scotland to support a campaign to introduce Same Sex Marriage in Scotland.


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