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First Lady Fashion: Michelle Obama’s Influence on Clothing

FIRST-LADY FASHION: HOW MICHELLE OBAMA HAS INFLUENCED THE CLOTHING INDUSTRY THE MICHELLE EFFECT HER INFLUENCE OVER STOCKS Of the 29 clothing companies whose garments Michelle Obama wore in 189 public appearances between November 2008 to December 2009 Their stock prices typically jumped by Led to gains exceeding $2.6 BILLION 2-3% in shareholder value for various clothiers Stock price gains can last anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks after an outfit is worn Effect persists regardless of how President Obama is doing Clothes not worn by her on major public occasions experience losses in their stock values by about 0.4% after the event The First Lady's wardrobe choices can create value exceeding $100 million for companies that design and market her outfits when she attends highly visible ceremonies Stocks raise 0.5% when she wears an outfit on a routine SOME EVENTS HAVE FAR LARGER ESTIMATES OF VALUE CREATION: public visit 8% the following day J. Crew's stock price rose 25% by the end of 70 the week OCTOBER 2008 C0/ O J.CREW Appearance in J. Crew outfit on The Tonight Show 14 months later J. Crew's shares were 175% higher, or $1.8 billion APRIL 2009 Stocks rose $2.3 BILLION Week-long trip to Europe for the fashion companies involved Stocks rose OCTOBER 2, 2009 $643 MILLION Sweden Trip to Copenhagen to take part in Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games over the next two days for the fashion companies involved Copenhagen Germany NOVEMBER 24 Stocks rose $309 MILLION Appearances at a White House for the fashion companies involved state dinner DECEMBER 10 Stocks rose $772 MILLION Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony in Oslo for the fashion companies involved WHY SHE APPEALS TO THE PEOPLE She's recognized by consumers as authentic She mixes high and low fashion AUTHENTIC The First Lady has worn clothes from mid-market chain stores like: Women can identify with her body type GAP TALBOTS TARGET HOW TO DRESS LIKE THE FIRST LADY PIECES TO INCORPORATE INTO YOUR WARDROBE TO EMULATE THE FIRST LADY'S STYLE Over-The-Knee Boots Exposed Zipper Statement Necklace Add modern edginess to: Look for a fitted, pull-on boot in a flat, wedge, or heel style, no higher than 3.5 inches Costume or real Jackets Sweaters Skirts Dresses Leather Blazer Peplum White Button-Down Wear it with slacks or a pair of jeans Wear it as a top, skirt, dress, jacket, or belt to add glamor Kitten Heel Belt Recycling/Re-wearing Add a bold, sparkly Switch out belt to an outfit accessories to re-style clothes Michelle Obama's influence on the shopping habits of Americans and the world is unlike that of any other First Lady. From increasing stocks for fashion companies overnight to starting new trends – she's become a fashion icon to be reckoned with. SOURCES BLUEGALA ................. . .................

First Lady Fashion: Michelle Obama’s Influence on Clothing

shared by igwdir on Feb 27
Everyone watches Michelle Obama. Never before has our nation been so entranced by a first lady’s fashion choices, and it shows. has created an infographic entitled “First Lady Fas...






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