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An Eye On Abortion

ABORTION AN EYE ON Several bills are currently making their way through the legislature that would make drastic, sweeping changes to state abortion laws. They come on the heels of major changes made during last year's legislative session and would further limit access and affordability. Here's a look at three of them. THE 'PERSONHOOD' AMENDMENT Sponsored by Representative Randy Garber WHAT WILL IT DO? RIGHTS! The proposal would amend the state constitution's Bill of Rights by declar- ing that Kansas guarantees "the inalienable rights, equal protection and due process of law" of every person, starting with the fertilization of an egg. Some critics argue that the wording is broad enough to outlaw certain types of birth control that prevent a fertilized egg from being carried to full term. HOW CAN IT PASS? The proposal needs approval from two-thirds of both the House of Repre- sentatives and the Senate for it to go to a statewide vote. If it chambers, the resolution would be added to the Aug. 7 primary ballot. Approval by a simple majority of voters would add it to the constitution. 2/3 VOTE passes both WHERE DOES IT STAND NOW? CHALLENGE Chairman Lance Kinzer, an influential anti-abortion lawmaker, is refusing to have a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposed amendment. He told the Associated Press he didn't believe the amendment was strong enough to withstand a court challenge. Twenty-five other house members support it. THE "OMNIBUS BILL" HB 2598 77 WILL MAKE WILL PUT IT ILLEGAL TO A STATE BAN ON Sponsored by The Committee on Federal and State Affairs Tax credits or exemp- Sue physicians for mal- practice if the physician withholds information tions for the purchase of supplemental health insurance policies that are now required for women seeking cover- age for abortion Certain tax credits or Abort a fetus based on its gender exemptions for abortion providers from them in order to prevent them seeking an abortion WILL REQUIRE PHYSICIANS TO It will eliminate sales tax exemptions for any drug used in performing or inducing an abortion It will ban groups that perform abortions from providing informational materials for human sexuality classes Risks of breast Notify a woman in writing 24 hours before an abor- cancer tion about the risks of the *Despite contradictory scientific evidence GEJJ procedure, including: Tell women that abor- Play the fetal heartbeat for a pregnant woman seeking an abortion by using a hand-held dop- pler fetal monitor tion "will terminate the Tell women that a fetus Possible begins feeling pain at 20 life of a whole, sepa- rate, unique, living human being" dangers to her repro- weeks from fertilization Possibilities of ductive premature birth in future health pregnancies WHERE DOES IT STAND NOW? A House committee conducted two days of hearings on this bill beginning Feb. 8. No further hearings are scheduled, and the bill will remain in committee until it is approved. HOUSE BILL No. 2523 RIGHT TOREFUSE Sponsored by The Committee on Federal and State Affairs WHAT WILL IT DO? This bill would amend an existing law that allows health care providers to refuse to provide abortion services. The amendments would also allow them to refuse to refer patients to receive abortions and refuse to prescribe or administer "any device or drug which result in the termination of a pregnancy or an effect of which the person reasonably believes may result in the termination of a pregnancy." WHERE DOES IT STAND NOW? The bill will be heard at 3:30 p.m., Feb. 15 in room 346-S of the Kansas Statehouse. DID YOU KNOW? According to the Guttmacher Institute, individual health care providers are allowed to refuse to participate in an abortion in 46 states. In 43 states, institutions may refuse to perform abortions – 16 of those limit refusal rights to private or religious institutions. NH VT MT MN Most states allow refusal from an individual and an institution. NY There are some exceptions: WY RI PA CT NJ DC States in which abortions may not be refused either by IA NV CA UT individuals or institutions States in which abortions may be refused by private institutions only OK SC States in which institutions may AL not refuse abortions TX AK States in which abortions may be refused by religious institutions only P POLITICALFIBER Graphic by Ben Pirotte SOURCES: Guttmacher Institute and Tume %24 COURT %24 %24

An Eye On Abortion

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A look at some changes to the laws regarding abortion in the state of Kansas.


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