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Exit Plan: Where Do Exiled Leaders Flee?

EXIT PLAN STARTING POINT STOPS IN BETWEEN NAPOLEON BONAPARTE LEON TROTSKY EMPEROR OF FRANCE ITALY (ISLE OF ELBA) FINAL DESTINATION RUSSIAN REVOLUTIONARY MEXICO ERICH HONECKER COMMUNIST LEADER OF THE GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC CHILE MOHAMMED REZA PAHLAVI SHAH OF IRAN EGYPT: MOROCCO; MEXICO WHERE DO EXILED LEADERS FLEE? ZINE AL-ABIDINE BEN ALI PRESIDENT OF THE TUNISIAN REPUBLIC WITH EGYPTIAN PRESIDENT HOSNI MUBARAK SAUDI ARABIA NOW DEPOSED AND LIBYA'S COLONEL GADDAFI VLADIMIR LENIN LEADER OF THE SOVIET COMMUNIST PARTY STRUGGLING TO HOLD ONTO HIS OWN SEAT. WE WONDER WHERE FORMER EXILED LEADERS JEAN CLAUDE "BABY DOC" DUVALIER PRESIDENTOF HAITI FRANCE SIBERIA; SWITZERLAND; B√ČLGIUM; ENGLAND SLIP AWAY TO AFTER BEING OUSTED WELCOME TO FERDINAND MARCOS THE EXILED LEADERS CLUB! PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES The latest former president to flee after being HAWAII pressured to step down, Tunisian Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali was initially denied refuge by the French government. Mr. Ben Ali then headed straight to Saudi Arabia, where he was welcomed by the royal family and where he remains today. MANUEL NORIEGA NAWAZ SHARIF PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISTAN SAUDI ARABIA THE MAN WHO WOULD BE BANISHED PANAMANIAN MILITARY DICTATOR Mohammad Reza Shah was just 22 when he ascended FRANCE to the Iranian throne, which he occupied from 1941 until members of the Iranian Revolution overthrew him in 1979. He immediately fled to Egypt, where President IDI AMIN Anwar El-Sadat took him in, and later to Morocco and PRESIDENT OF UGANDA Mexico, as a guest of Jose Lopez Portillo. CHARLES TAYLOR LIBYA; IRAQ: SAUDI ARABIA MOBUTU SESE SEKO PRESIDENT OF LIBERIA DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO NIGERIA MANUEL ZELAYA MOROCCO PRESIDENT OF HONDURAS IDI AMIN FINDS REFUGE IN THE MIDDLE EAST DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ALFREDO STROESSNER The late Ugandan leader, notorious for one of the bloodiest regimes PRESIDENT OF PARAGUAY in African history, was forced from power in 1979 and consequently BRAZIL moved to Libya with his four wives and 30 children. Shortly after, SAUDI ARABIA AND FRANCE: he relocated to Iraq and finally settled in Saudi Arabia, where he was POPULAR DESTINATIONS FOR ESCAPEES? provided with domestic servants, drivers and cars. The man responsible When no one wants to take in deposed former leaders, the oil-rich middle eastern state and for the killings of several hundred thousand people eventually died from western European country are notorious for opening their arms to shamed politicians who kidney failure in 2003. seek asylum. Many have speculated that Saudi Arabia would be a logical destination for Hosni SOURCES: Mubarak as well. CSMONITOR.COM I NYTIMES.COM | BBC.CO.UK | FRANCE24.COM| CBC.CA | THE SUN-HERALD. END FOR AMIN THE EXECUTIONER. AUGUST 17, 2003. | AFGHAMI, GHOLAM REZA. "THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE SHAH." (2009) A COLLABORATION BETWEEN GOOD AND COLUMN FIVE

Exit Plan: Where Do Exiled Leaders Flee?

shared by GOOD on Jun 02
With Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak now deposed and Libya's Colonel Gaddafi struggling to hold on to his own seat, we wonder where former exiled leaders slip away to after being ousted. -- GOOD



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