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Egyptian Elections Explained

EGYPT ELECTIONS EXPLAINED PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLY VOTING PHASES 1 Kafr El-Sheikh Alexandria 2 Port Said 3 Damietta 1 4 Calro North Sinai Behelra Ismailiya Suez Helwar Marsa Matrouh South Sinai Fayoum Beni Suef 5 Sharqlya 6 Menoufiya Giza 7 Daqahliya 8 Qalioublya 9 Gharblya Minya Asslut EGYPT'S 27 GOVERNORATES Sohag will vote for parliamentary representatives in three phases beginning in November 2011. Luxor Red Sea New Valley 28 29 14 feb 04 14 03 jan TBA nov dec jan mar. mar NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL LOWER HOUSE UPPER HOUSE PRESIDENT Dondo People's Assembly Shura Council The second presidential election in Egypt's history. 6,700 (approximate) EGYPTIANS WILL CHOOSE FROM CANDIDATES... .TO ELECT MEMBERS TO THE mooo LOWER HOUSE FOR 5-YEAR TERMS. Nominated Seats 10 Representatives Elected by Voters 498 332 seats 166 seats DUAL ELECTORAL SYSTEMS PARTY LIST SYSTEM MAJORITARIAN SYSTEM Each voter will complete two ballots. CHOOSE PARTY CHOOSE CANDIDATES The governorates are divided into varying numbers of districts under each voting system. SHARQIYA SHARQIYA 2 DISTRICTS 5 DISTRICTS Each district will elect: i to t 4 to 12 MPs 2 MPs For example, the governorate of CAIRO has: 4 DISTRICTS 9 DISTRICTS which will elect which will elect 36 MPs 18 MPs ALLOCATING SEATS IN THE PARTY LIST SYSTEM IN A DISTRICT WITH 36 SEATS Party A gets 50% of the vote, their top 18 candidates are seated. Party B gets 25% of the vote, their top 9 candidates are seated. Party C gets 25% of the vote, their top 9 candidates are seated. WORKING STATUS QUOTA It is required that all seats be divided evenly between two classifications of working status. PROFESSIONAL WORKER/FARMER 50% 50% If the top two candidates earning a majority of votes are of the same working status, then the runner-up will be passed over for the highest standing candidate of the alternate working status. ALJAZEERA

Egyptian Elections Explained

shared by ptvan on Nov 28
Egypt's complex election process began on November 28, 2011. Egyptians have started casting their ballots in the first parliamentary elections since former president Hosni Mubarak was toppled in a pop...


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