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Does Congress Look Like America?

Does * WHITE MALES The U.S. Congress is still overwhelmingly white EDUCATION Congress is primarily made and male. up of college graduates. No Degree Beyond a HS Diploma White Males Make Up: CONGRESS I AMERICA 15% LOOK LIKE AMERICA? 5% I CONGRESS 32% 75% 79% AMERICA HOUSE SENATE Every two years, Americans go to the polls to elect all 435 members of the House of Representatives, MEDIAN AGE AVG AGE AVG AGE AGE WEALTH Congress is wealthier than the nation as a whole. 37.2 56.7 62.2 and one-third of the Senate. But The real median income in And the AMERICA HOUSE SENATE does our Congress reflect the diversity of our country? And is that even important to you in the voting America is Congressional Research Service says Congress is, on $49,445 booth? Check out how the folks representing you in our nation's capital do-and don't-look like America. average, older than at any point since the early 44% of Congressmen are millionaires. 1980s. =$1,000 GENDER Washington. There's still a huge gender gap in RELIGION The vast majority of Congress professes Protestant or Catholic beliefs. IAMERICA I CONGRESS Top Three Religions in Congress Women Make Up: |93 57% Women in Congress 51.3% PROTESTANT . CATHOLIC JEWISH 248 56 24 50.8% 132 27 29% AMERICA 23.9% 17 SENATE 76 HOUSE 1.7% 17% 4 states have never sent a woman to PROTESTANT CATHOLIC JEWISH HOUSE SENATE HOUSE SENATE HOUSE SENATE CONGRESS Washington. RACE Nearly every minority group is underrepresented in Congress, relative to their population. I AMERICA CONGRESS ASIAN AMERICANS & PACIFIC ISLANDERS AFRICAN AMERICANS HISPANICS NATIVE AMERICANS ....... ....... 12.6% 7.9% 16.3% 6% 5% 2% 0.9% 0.004% 43 Native Americans BOTH IN THE HOUSE African Americans Hispanics 2 SENATE 31 HOUSE Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders I1 2 SENATE 9 HOUSE ALL IN THE HOUSE have never elected a Hispanic to represent them in Washington. have never elected an Asian American or Pacific Islander have never have never 25 38 43 443 sent an African elected a Native American to American to Washington. Congress. to represent them STATES in Washington. STATES STATES STATES TAKE ACTION Make your voice heard. Register to vote at SOURCES: US CENSUS BUREAU, CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE, PEW CENTER ON RELIGION, CENTER FOR RESPONSIVE POLITICS, HOUSE PRESS GALLERY, SENATE PRESS GALLERY NOTE: All figures include 535 Representatives and Senators, plus 5 Delegates (DC, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, USVI) and one Resident Commissioner (Puerto Rico). Take ON K INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN BY COLUMN FIVE Part TUESDAY ...*******. ****..*

Does Congress Look Like America?

shared by adeicher on Apr 25
In November, Americans will go to the polls to pick a new House of Representatives, and decide the fate of one-third of the Senate. But does our Congress reflect the diversity of our nation? And shoul...


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