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Digital Duel 2012

O compete I KANTAR MEDIA DIGITAL DUEL 2012 A strong online presence is vital to maintaining campaign momentum. Using Compete's data, we can identify which online political properties are attracting the most traffic, as well as demographic breakdowns for each property. OBAMA VS ROMNEY PRESIDENT OF THE WEB: UNIQUE VISITORS BY STATE Online visibility by unique visitors favors Obama over Romney. OBAMA CAMPAIGN SITE WINS Obama's campaign site beats Romney's in all but 8 states that are too close to call. CAMPAIGN SITES TOO CLOSE TO CALL Romney has the advantage on Facebook in states overlaid with red. ROMNEY FACEBOOK PAGE WINS States with no overlay indicate that Facebook traffic is too close to call. WHO'S FOLLOWING WHO ONLINE?* While there is surprisingly little difference between the income makeup of each online party, it's clear that CObama has an edge with younger voters and Romney with older voters. 65+ 18-24 65+ 18-24 10% 25-34 25-34 18.79% 9% 18.74% 15.46% AGE 23.07% 14.31% 16.13% 55-65 16.58% 18.74% 35-44 55-65 35-44 20.48% 18.52% 45-54 45-54 100K+ 0-30K 100K+ 0-30K 22.31% 25.87% 23.40% 26.84% 24.98% INCOME 24.36% 25.37% 26.87% 60-100K 60-100K 30-60K 30-60K 50.08% 44.65% GENDER 49.92% 55.35% UNIQUE VISITORS TO EACH CANDIDATE'S DONATION PAGE Romney's selection of Senator Ryan correlates with a boost in donation page visits in August. 2,555, 195 OBAMA'S DONATION SITE 2,109,532 ROMNEY'S DONATION SITE 1,600,454 1,483,532 491,080 386,825 229,167 299,912 5/1/2012 6/1/2012 7/1/2012 8/1/2012 8/31/2012 HOT TOPICS tt Top phrases driving traffic to each candidate's campaign site. CLINTON WAR BUDGET EDUCATION GOPSOCIAL SECURITY TAXES LGBT DONATIONS VOLUNTEER VETERAN BIDEN JOBS ECONOMY SCONTACT BUDGET ANN GOP SWAC ECONOMY YOUTUBE SWAG JOBS TAXES ANN ROMNEY SPEECH TAX RETURNS POLITICAL CARTOONS MCCAIN MEDICARE PAUL RYAN WELFARE EMCCAIN SPEECH CLINTON FACEBOOK ANN TAXES FOREIGN POLICY JOBS JOBS LGBT WAR O compete I KANTAR MEDIA Kantar Media Compete helps the world's top brands improve their marketing based on the online behavior of millions of consumers. Leading advertisers, agencies and publishers rely on Compete's products and services to create engaging online experiences and highly profitable marketing campaigns. Visit to access comprehensive data on any of the top million sites on the web. Kantar Media Compete manages the largest panel of its kind in the industry, combining the online behaviors and attitudes from 2 million consumers across the United States. Our online panel is comprised of a statistically representative cross-section of consumers who have given permission to have their Internet clickstream behaviors and opt-in survey responses analyzed anonymously as a new source of marketing research. Based on unique visitors ** Demographics based on aggregate data for each candidate's respective campaign site, donation site, Facebook page, and YouTube channel, March 2012 through August 2012 t Unique visitors to each candidate's donation site: and, May 2012 through August 2012 tt Based on Compete PRO's search term frequency for each candidate's campaign site, June 2, 2012 through August 31, 2012 each candidate's campaign site as well as unique visitors to each candidate's official Facebook page, March 2012 through August 2012 Compete, Inc. 501 Boylston Street, Boston, Ma 02116 Phone: 866-633-8390 Nw HARITY BUDGET VETERAN GOP MEDICAREŽNOIVɔNa OBAMACARE POLITICAL CARTON STAXES FACEBOOK CHARITY Y IBUDGET VOLUNTEER POLITICAL CARTOONS EDÚCATION SPEECH HEALTHCARES CcoNTE WHITE HOUSE MICHELLE JOE BIDEN CLINTONVETERAN SOBAMACARE IMMIGRATION JOBS

Digital Duel 2012

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A strong online presence is vital to maintaining campaign momentum. This infographic identifies which online political properties are attracting the most traffic, as well as demographic breakdowns for...



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