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The Death Penalty in California

THE DEATH PENALTY IN CALIFORNIA Ca pital Punishment Facts In The Golden State $4,000,000,000 CALIFORNIA TOTAL SPENT FOR DEATH ROW INMATES SINCE 1978 *The average annual cost per regular inmate is only $47,421 $175 $177 THOUSAND MILLION • SPENT PER ONE DEATH ROW INMATE PER YEAR* SPENT ON DEATH ROW INMATES PER YEAR FACT CALIFORNIA'S DEATH ROW POPULATION IS THE LARGEST IN THE U.S. Current po pulation: 724 Po pulation projection by 2030: l,000 plus Projected Cost to taxpayers: $9,000,000,000 Average waiting ti me from conviction Ozly 13 people to execution 25VEAR Briggs Initiative adding 16 more special circumstances, for a total of 28 death-eligible crimes. s pecial circumstances, for a total of 33 death-eligible that add additional 3 more the total to 36 de ath-eligible There MILESTONES in ABOLITION and REINSTATEMENT adding 5 more are now California voters pass the initiatives. crimes. 39 death-eligible crimes. 1872 1972 1977 1978 1990 1996 2000 Capital punishment authorized in state Penal Code. California Supreme Court declares death penalty unconstitutional. 107 condemn ed prisoners re-sentenced. California pa5sed Pro position 17, it amends the California Jerry Brown's veto and reinstates the punishment in first-degree murders with any of 12 special circumstances. LOCATION OF DEATH ROW & EXECUTIONS penalty is not cruel or unuBual punishment. San Quentin State PriBon San Quentin. Californi a For male inmates EUREKA GREAT SEAL OF SALIFORNIA DEATH ROW INMATES by STATE U.S. TOTAL NUMBER OF DEATH ROW INMATES: 3,170 (As of April 1, 2012) 724 California 407 Florid a 308 Texas • 724 204 Pennsylvania 80 200 Alabama 165 North Carolina 150 Ohio 132 132 Arizona 100 Georgia 90 Louisiana 10 11 66 88 Tennesse e 80 Nevada 308 66 14 Oklahoma 40 60 U.S. Government* 56 South Carolina 53 Mississippi 53 200 88 35 150 204 47 Missouri 40 Arkansas 37 Oregon 12 35 Kentucky 18 Delaware 100 56 165 14 Id aho 14 Indiana 12 Virginia 11 Nebraska 11 Connecticut** 10 Kansas Utah Washington U.S. STATES WITHOUT DEATH PENALTY & THE YEAR IT WAS ABOLISHED: 6. 6. U.S. Military*** 407 Maryland Alaska 1957 New Jersey 2007 South Dakota Connecticut 2012 New Mexico 2009 Colorado Hawaii 1957 North Dakota 1973 Montana Illinois 2011 Rhode Island New Mexico**** 1984 Iowa 1965 Vermont 1964 Wyoming New Hampshire States with No Death Penalty(see Maine 1887 West Virginia 1965 Massachusetts 1984 Wisconsin 1853 Michigan 1846 D.C. 1981 Minnesota 1911 Inmates on Federal death row. This is separate from the state or military death row. Connecticut abolished the death penalty on April 2012 but the law was not made retroactive. 11 inmates remain on death row. *** Inmates on Military death row. This is separate from the state or Federal death row. **** New Mexico abolished the death penalty on March 2009 but the law was not made retroactive. 2 inmates remain on death row. CALIFORNIA INMATES by RACE TOTAL NUM BER OF INMATES: 724 Black: 261 White: 257 Latino: 169 Asian: 25 Native American: 12 FACT 2.9 2010 AVERAGE MURDER RATE PER 100,000 PEOPLE States with Death Penalty: 4,6 States without Death Penalty: 2.9 4.6 INNOCENCE and the DEATH PENALTY NATIONAL REGISTRY OF EXONERATIONS: Database of 2,000 prísoners exonerated since 1989 up to present Through the wide use of DNA evidence, over 2,000 innocent persons convicted of rape and murder were exonerated, clearing their names in the process. X6 Death row inmates were exonerated nine ti mes more frequently than others convicted of murder. 25% One-fourth of those exonerated of murder had received a death sentence. 141 50% Total number of death row inmate Half of those who had been exonerations in the U.S. since 1973. wrongfully convicted of rape or murder faced death or life behind bars. a. 3 Total number of de ath row inmate exonerations in California since l973. FACTORS LEADING to WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS Inadequate legal re presentation 0ATOS 07 arnggexd and/or political Community the cas e Racial ®OFpnfəxd REFERENCES CALIFORNIA DEATH ROW FACTS + * MILESTONES + BY STATE & RACE inmates-state-and-size-death-row-year#state + MURDER RATE ħttp:// INNOCENCE & THE DEATH PENALTY + FACTORS TO WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS CREDIT: The Hang Rope, a derive graphic from blog/ CALIFORNIA INNOCENCE CALIFORNIA WESTERN SCHOOL OF LAW I San Diego PROJECT kare been executed stnce 1978 308 Voters pa5s two initiatives special circumstances, bringing Inaga cost per execution crimes in California. Voters pa 55 two additional THE STA State Legislature overrides Governor death pen alty allowing for capital Constitution to provide that the death Police and prosecutorial misconduct testimony and mistaken eyewitness Perjured testimony OgnoutTes Luomţasor "snitch" of mitigating misinterpretation evidence Suppression and/or

The Death Penalty in California

shared by andrewdeen on Jan 03
The death penalty in the state of California continues to be a major focus, due in part to the burden it places on tax payers. The California Innocence Project's goal with this infographic was to exa...


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