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DC Statehood 101

DC statehood ★★★ THE HARD FACTS WE ARE THE .51% Washingtonians pay more federal taxes per capita than any other state. DC can't spend any of its own local tax dollars without approval from Congress, where it has no voting representation. DC residents were not granted the right to vote in Presidential elections until 1961, when the 23rd Amendment was passed. Out of 196 countries in the world, the US is the only nation that denies įts capital denizens the same rights it grants to the rest of its citizens. Per capita, more Washingtonians have fought in US wars than residents of any state. HISTORY REPEALS ITSELF On November 4, 1980, 60% of DC residents voted and approved the District of Columbia Statehood Constitutional Convention, which became DC Law 3-171. This law called for the creation of a state constitutional convention, which was an initiative toward statehood. -1980 *-1981 In 1981, a DC Statehood Commission was established. Forty-five delegates were elected to a Constitutional Convention to serve two- or three-year terms. On May 27th, 1982 New Columbia was officially chosen for the name of the new state and -1982 and the new constitution was adopted on May 29. On Nov 2, DC voters ratified the consti- tution for the state of New Columbia. -1983 A bill was introduced in Congress for the admission of the State of New Columbia, but it did not pass. This means Congress continues its exclusive legislative power over the District. plate A LICENSE TO VOTE When license plates bearing the slogan "Taxation Without Representation" were issued by the DC DMV in the fall of 2000, President Clinton had the plates installed on all of the presidential limousines as a sign of support for voting rights in the District. A month later when George W. Bush came into office, one of his first acts was to remove the slogan from presidential plates. shadow TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION Paul Strauss Shadow Senator 1996-present Michael Panetta Shadow Rep. 2007-present Michael Brown Shadow Senator 2006-present DC elects two shadow.senators and one shadow representative that lobby on behalf of the District's interests. The govemment gives them exactly zero dollars for pay and zero money for a budget. Shadow senators are neither officially swom nor seated by the United States Senate. DC has a greater population than Wyoming-which has the same number of senators as the most-populated state: California. TOP BILLER In addition to shadow representation, DC has a Delegate to Congress, Eleanor Holmes Norton, who isa non-voting member of the House of Representatives that can serve on Congressional committees and sponser bills. She has sponsored the following bills currently circulating in Congress. H.R. 265 "New Columbia Admission Act -To provide for the admission of the State of New Columbia into the Union "District of Columbia Equal Representation Act of 2011" - To provide for the treatment of DC as a State for purposes of representation in the House of Representatives and Senate, and for other purposes. H.R. 1-266 WHY ISN'T DC A STATE? created DC as "a federal seat of government" and not a state because the Founding Fathers did not want the federal govemment to be run by a state. ARTICLE 1 SECTION 2 OF THE CONSTITUTION Until Washingtonians are exempt from federal - taxation or there's a majority vote in both houses of congress to change the Constitution and decide that DC should be a state, the debate over New Columbia rages on. SOCIALSTUDIESDC.COM

DC Statehood 101

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The debate over whether DC should become a state has lingered for more than 200 years. But with a growing number of organizations advocating full representation for Washingtonians, and city politician...


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