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2011 John Neson, DV Solutions MIDDLEMEN= a visual guide to the uneven terrain of the Electoral College you don't vete directhy for the United Stades President. Electorad College "Electors" do. Diffeet states get differet anounts of Electors -which means your vete is worth more or less depending on where you're from |How Much Will I Count to the Electoral College in 2012? It Depends... 67% MORE than the overall US O California, New york, and Texas have the least per-person say O wyoming, Washington DC, and Vermont have the most per-person say O One person in Wyoming is worth more than three and a half Californians! CA NY TX FL L OH NC PA NJ MI VA GA MO MA IN AZ TN MD lelelelololei wil LA WA co OR KyoK AL MN scler LA MS AR KSUT INVINM ID WVINE HI ME MT NH DE SD RI AK NDvr DOwy Ci% LESS than the overall US States with larger populations tend to have smaller per-person weight in the Electoral College. Wikipedia will tell you why. WA MT ME ND OR MN NH ID WI NY MA CT SD MI wy IA PA NE NV OH IL IN DE UT CA Co KS VA MO Ky NC TN OK AZ AR SC MS AL GA TX LA AK FL A state's namber of Electors is detewined by how mang Congress menbers thes have -which is partialu based on population. Sowhen new census counts come out, it inpacts the Presidential Election, too. 2008 vs. 2012...Relative Winners & Losers Between the Two Elections GAIN or LOSS of per-person influence in the Electoral College between the '08 and '12 Presidential Elections States that lost per-person influence between elections 19.0% ND 8-5.4% NE 8-25% AR 0-2.0% ME O-1.0% IA -15.1% MI -5.3% MT 0-2.7% DC -0.2% OH .5% IL 52% SD 0-LT 8-52% AL 027% NH 0.0% MO I.O% AK4.% WV 0-2.5% IN 0-LS FL 04.5% MA14% NM4.1% KS 0-24% OR 0-L7% WA O5.Ts NJ8.7% NC 8-34% MD 0-2.3% MN 0-L6% GA 6.0% NU 6.6% OK8 33% CT 0-2.2% VT 0-L5% TX 7.0% wy y-6.% VA -3.1% co 0-2.2% Ky O-L5% Sc O BI% CO 0-22% 8.3% PA z 10.3% 6.4% ID 83.0% TN 8-2.2% MS 0-13% AZ HI -6.2% DE 6-25% CA 0-2.1% WI 0-13% NV" 13.T% UT 15.3% utahans will get the biggest per-person jump in O the Electoral College since the previous Presidential Election, while lowans get the biggest per-person loss. Number of Elector votes GAINED or LOST per state between the '08 and '12 Elections LOST Electors GAINED Electors O000 Texas O Florida O Washington I New York a Ohio A lowa A illinois 3 Louisiana A Massachusetts A Michigan 3 Missouri A New Jersey 3 Pennsylvania Utah O South Carolina Nevada. O Georgia O Arizona The number of Electoral College votes a state gets is O the same as its number of representatives in Congress (which is largely determined by population). Washington DC (not a state) isn't allowed O more Electoral Votes than the least populous state, which is Wyoming, at 3. Sourcesi 2008 population estimates, US Census Buresu Z010 population (as preny for 2012 population), US Census Buregu Electoral college apporticnment and changes, Uš Census Burea and wikipedia States tl

Data Americana

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The United States is not a pure democracy, but rather a Representative Republic, for lots of great reasons. As such one of the mechanisms that facilitate our indirect election of the President of the...


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