Coronavirus Bill Breakdown

Coronavirus Bill Breakdown There's nearly $2 trillion dollars on the table and Republicans and Democrats are at an impasse. Where is the money being allocated? What's the holdup? $500B Corporate 3 The disagreement $350B Loans Republicans want.. Democrats want... Small 3 The disagreement Directs funds to provide relief for large corporations adversely impacted by M Weak oversight MRobust financial oversight Business Loans No guarantee workers get to keep their job Republicans want... Democrats want.. MA guarantee workers get to keep their job COVID-19. M Businesses that Provides forgiveness loan for small businesses to help maintain cash flow and maintain payroll for employees. M Consensus on what organizations and firms are eligible for funds receive Medicaid M Discretionary funding to be restricted access waiver for stock M Restrictions on stock buybacks buybacks MA six month delay in reporting the V Immediate reporting on businesses that businesses that take loans take loans EDERALR ESER ENOTE THE UNITED STATES OFAMERICA THIS NOTC IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE B1357C913 L WASHINGTON, D.C. Di 2 THE TMEN B13570913L D 163 SERIES 2000 WAHINOTON Fremay ONE DOLLA R Republican Priority Democrat Priority $250B $250B $100B $100B Bi-Partisan Priority Public State Hospital 8 Relief Direct Health Unemployment Payments Insurance Emergency funds for public health and policy For healthcare providers Provides $1,200 per qualifying adult that makes $75,000 or less, plus $500 per child. Unemployment claims are on the rapid rise. Relief is needed to keep the program steady. and other healthcare needs. workers on the front lines of fighting the pandemic. $??? Other Possiblities Championed by Democrats Additional funding for V Student loan relief the Federal SNAP program (aka food stamps) Sources: The Guardian, Vox Media, Washington Post, New York Magazine, and CNN Copyright: Drew Meisel, Verkstad LLC

Coronavirus Bill Breakdown

shared by drewmeisel on Mar 24
What's in the bill, what are the Democrats and Republicans debating, and what are each party's priorities.





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