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Controversial Ballot Measure Results: Election 2012

STATELINE INFOGRAPHIC On the 2012 Ballot Voters made historic choices November 6, including for the first time voting to allow gay marriage in Maine, Maryland and Washington and legalizing recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington. In other measures, Michigan suspended a controversial law that gives broad powers to an "emergency manager" appointed by the governor to step in if a city or school district runs out of money. That was among 12 popular referenda, known as the "people veto" on the ballot this year, compared with a typical year that has only two or three, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Of the 174 ballot measures voters considered on Election Day, here are the results of some of the most contentious issues that appeared in multiple states. tax cuts/restrictions AZ FL MI NH OK OR WA tax increases AR CA мо AZ OR SD marijuana AR CO MA MT OR WA "Obamacare" AL FL MO MT WY same-sex marriage ME MD MN WA affirmative action/race AL ND OK labor unions AL CA ID MI gambling MD OR RI abortion FL MT immigration MD MT PASSED Tax cuts/restrictions Tax increases FAILED AZ OK AZ SD FL OR CA AR MI WA MO NH OR Arizona and Oklahoma voters agreed to limit property Arizona, Missouri and South Dakota rejected increasing taxes for education. California endorsed Governor Jerry Brown's proposal to raise taxes, but rejected a competing measure. Oregon approved diverting funds to education. Higher taxes in Arkansas will fund transportation projects and clean energy projects in California. tax increases, but Oregon decided not to eliminate inheritance taxes. Washington made it harder to raise taxes by requiring a two-thirds vote from legislatures to enact new taxes, while Michigan defeated a similar measure. Florida rejected a bid to put stringent limits on the growth of state spending through a measure similar to Colorado's "Taxpayer Bill of Rights." New Hampshire defeated a measure intended to keep the state without a personal income tax. Marijuana "Obamacare" OR AL WY AR CO WA FL MO MT MT Colorado and Washington legalized recreational use of marijuana, but Oregon rejected it. Alabama, Montana and Wyoming approved measures to prevent individuals and/or businesses from being compelled to participate in a health care system, a Massachusetts will allow its use for medical purposes, but Arkansas won't. Montana approved a bill the legislature passed scaling back a medical marijuana measure that voters approved in 2004. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have laws allowing marijuana for medical use. main component of President Obama's health care law. Florida rejected it. Similar measures won approval 2010 in Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma and Ohio and are being litigated, but Colorado rejected one there. Missouri will prevent a health care exchange from being created without legislative or voter approval. Same-sex marriage Labor unions ME AL CA ID WA MI Michigan rejected a constitutional right to collective bargaining. Idaho rejected measures limiting collective bargaining and tenure for some teachers. For the third time, California rejected a ban on using union dues for political purposes without members' Voters in Maryland and Washington had the chance to overturn new state laws legalizing same-sex marriage, but neither did. Maine voters legalized same-sex marriage by popular vote; they had repealed a state law permitting it in 2009. Minnesota already prohibits gay marriage, but a measure there would put the ban in the state approval. Alabama voters endorsed secret ballots for union elections. Similar measures in 2010 were constitution failed. Six states and the District of approved in Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota Columbia allow same-sex marriage. Thirty-two states have rejected it. and Utah. Affirmative action/race Gambling AL MD ND OR OK RI Oklahoma approved prohibiting the use of race, gender and ethnicity in state contracting, hiring and education, joining Arizona, California, Michigan, Nebraska and Washington that have banned affirmative action programs in recent years. Voters in Alabama again rejected an amendment to rid its state constitution of segregation language that was adopted along with other Jim Crow laws. North Dakota removed language in the constitution allowing the legislature to levy a poll tax. Maryland decided to add table games to its casinos and allow a new gambling facility to open in Prince George's County, just outside of Washington, D.C. Oregon, which has casinos operated by Indian tribes, decided not to allow any privately owned operations. Measures in Rhode Island will permit slot parlors in Lincoln and Newport to expand into full casinos Immigration Abortion MD FL MT MT Maryland voters decided to retain the Maryland Dream Act, which allows certain undocumented Florida rejected a measure that would have students to qualify for in-state tuition at public universities. A Montana measure will require people prohibited the use of public funds for abortion, while Montana approved requiring parental notification before a minor can get an abortion. to provide proof of citizenship before receiving state services. PASSED FAILED Stateline infographic by: Adam Rotmil, Carla Uriona, Pamela Prah, Diane Fancher and Maggie Clark Source: National Conference of State Legislatures, Initiative and Referendum Institute, National Taxpayers Union, and American Legislative Exchange Council Updated November 7, 2012

Controversial Ballot Measure Results: Election 2012

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Ballot measures gave voters a say on divisive issues in the 2012 election. This 50-state infographic shows the results of the more controversial ballot initiatives across the country.


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